Friday, October 8, 2010

Family and School Ordeal: 2 More Years for Philippine Basic Education

It has been days since the announcement that kindergarten along with elementary and secondary education shall be augmented with two (2) more years to achieve quality graduates. And, this DEPED's pronouncement has solicited equal acceptance and rejection from all sectors.

As a college teacher, I assessed most of my college students to be downsided in most areas including but not limited to communication skills, comprehension, problem solving and analytical skills and while these can be enforced, teaching them a subject content is simply harder to do.

In IT alone, most elementary and high schools can only offer this subject to the prime class and worse, some could be high school graduates but no formal computer education. And, when they pursue computer courses, their education and training can't be fully covered. Thus, they end up half prepared.

I am pro - extension when it comes to adding years to basic education, but, quality is not just achieved by the numbers but by other contributing and significant factors too including quality teachers, better facilities, improved curriculum and instruction. So, if quality graduates are indeed the issue, DEPED and the government can at least cover all facets of education otherwise all these efforts will produce less significant effect.



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