Thursday, October 28, 2010

How to Enjoy Your Vacation

We are on our one – week vacation in our old city and with this short vacation, we can only maximize our stay and make sure that we have all fun within in our limited budget.

But, how can you really make your vacation fun and safe? Here are my basic tips:

  • List all the things needed for the vacation. Making a list of what must be brought shall make the trip less troublesome;
  • Prepare a plan of what and where to go and do. If the place has some hot spots and special activities, make sure that you visit a few or all of them depending on your budget;
  • Secure your travel papers. It is always wiser to have a photocopy of your papers like passport, visa or IDs just in case you lose the original ones;
  • Experience the culture. Make your trip extra special by experiencing the traditions or culture of the locals. Experience eating their food specialties or ride their special transportation.



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