Saturday, October 16, 2010

Revived Kasambahay Bill on House Helpers

It is not surprising at all that national news highlight cases of domestic violence over house helpers and the last case was a young maid from the south who decided to take suicide because of severe and traumatic maltreatment from her employers. She was all burned from hot water, cigarettes, sexually abused and salary deprived.

This reality case is just one of the many unspoken stories of Filipino house helpers or maids who get physically, emotionally and sexually abused from their monster employers.

House helpers in the Philippines are typical members of most Filipino families. Normally, their salary range is only between 1000 – 4000 per month. Worse, they get to clean the house, do laundry and cooking, and attend to the kids. And, these are no easy jobs.

So, the new house bill known as KASAMBAHAY BILL was recently revived Diwa party - list Rep. Em Aglipay, the House Bill 1815 on improving and protecting the welfare of house helpers including babysitters, drivers, cook and laundrymen are only commendable, although, I may say these can further increase the compensation cost on maids but these are simply appropriate for the heavy workloads of house helpers.



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