Friday, October 22, 2010

Teach Your Kids about Independence

Your kids will try to live out your teachings to them when they are exposed to specific education like good hygiene and healthy living. Thus, it is quite imperative that we teach them these values as early as one year old. While it is important that we speak about the essentials, it is equally important that we too model what we preach.

So, let us be open, vocal and consistent about teaching and modeling right and correct values. Further, we have to equip them with the right knowledge, so, they can fend for themselves when they grow old and independent from us.

When they have to face problems like pregnancy, unemployment, personality issues, hygiene rudiments including acne body wash among others, they can be decisive and self reliant.

Kids can only grow according to how they were shaped by their folks. So, as parents, we can only be responsible.



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