Saturday, October 2, 2010

Teach Your Siblings, Kids or Friends How to Get a Job

The school semester is soon to be over and what can be more pressing than getting a job after graduation. But, with the continuing economy crisis where hundreds of companies if not thousands go bankrupt where employees are retrenched or simply cut from the live stream.

So, with limited vacancies, finding a job is just finding a needle in a haystack. But, what can you exactly do to make sure that you won’t be counted as one of the unemployed individuals. Basically, make sure that you have different skills and knowledge acquired from school and from the field. These will give you the headstart.

With these skills and knowledge as your basic weapon, next to do is to find your playing field. You can try in your locality through job fairs, walk – in application, or print advertisements. You can ask referrals too from your school or from acquaintances . Normally, while waiting in a company to attended to, a fellow applicant may be generous enough to provide information of other venues for application.

Lastly, don’t ever fail to search online. There are companies that websites and applications can be directed through emails. More importantly, you can search for employment portals where employers can search for potential candidates.

It is quite imperative that with the right character, skills and intelligence, you can still land a job in spite of the looming economy.



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