Friday, October 22, 2010

When Elders Need You

I have been hearing sayings that people who are below 6 and above 60 years old need the most attention. While some cultures have different ways how to attend to their elders and youngsters, in the Philippines, we simply rely on family members or nannies to help with the kids while parents go to work, and elders are taken care of by offsprings or other extended family members.

While there are homes for the elders, most of the Filipino families simply take care of their elders until they are gone. This kind of care can be attributed to the knit kin culture of most Filipinos. While this culture may have its perks and downsides, I guess being Filipino means putting family as one of the top priorities.

Putting the elders to facility for the aged may mean giving them appropriate medical attention and relieving the family of some works. Regardless of the family's choice whether to keep their elders at home or place them in a facility, there is no question how they must love and care for their folks.

I only wish though my parents when they grow old, they shall still feel the love and care we give them but I just don't how I can personally attend to their needs when they become child - like again. Perhaps, by then, we can just hire other individuals to help them through.



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