Sunday, November 28, 2010

Be More Radiant Through the Year

The year 2010 is almost done and with a new year coming up, we can only create a new year's resolution.

While we want to be more nice, smart and wealthy this new year, we can't help but also wish more.

So, how can we be more radiant through out the year. I can only cite the following suggestions:

1. Eat more healthy foods including fruits, vegetables and less in carbohydrates.
2. Exercise regularly for better blood circulation, bone growth, and controlled weights.
3. Refrain from health - risk habits including smoking and drinking.
4. Use beauty regimen including home - made activities or from commercial companies to acquire best anti aging product and other beauty stuffs.
5. Use any form of stress - relieving activity.
6. Have healthy relationship with peers and loved ones.
7. Enjoy your job.


Selling Blog Shirts for a Friend

some of the blog shirts we previously made

The SOX Bloggers community covering Region 12 areas shall be holding a blog fest this December 11, 2010 in one of the known hotels in General Santos City. While this event may mean interesting insights how to make the most of blogging and how to really earn while having fun, we wish to run a cause for a fellow SOX blogger who had to go through prostate enlargement surgery but with his limited resources and fledgling business, he is indeed having hard time.

So, in this season of Christmas holidays, I wish to sell blog shirts to start at PHP 250.00 where 100.00 per shirt can be directed to his medical fund. The efforts may produce a small yield but somehow, we can only help a friend.

Come December 11, 2010, we shall be making an early Christmas gift.


How to Make Homemade Body Expoliants

In this persisting hard - up economy, we can only think of practical ways to make comfortable living within our budget.

However, stiff economy should not hinder us from becoming radiant and beautiful. So, I found a nice set of tips to make homemade body scrubs for healthy skin.

Ingredients: Kitchen measuring cups, bowl, stir
1 tsp oatmeal (for dry skin)
1 tsp baking powder (for sensitive skin)
1 tsp baking soda or brown sugar (for normal skin)
1 tsp honey (for sensitive skin)
1 tsp olive (for dry skin)


Simply mix your ingredients until they form a gravy - like consistency. Apply the made expoliants unto your face, neck and chest. Gently scrub in circular motion. Rinse with lukewarm water. You can do this 2x a week but remember not to apply to your eyes.

You will sure experience the same professional - looking effect without ripping your pockets.


Family Beauty Habits

I only have a very simple set of beauty habits and this includes cleaning my face every night before hitting the bed. Further, if I can manage, I use facial cleaner, petroleum jelly on my elbows, moisturizer and lotion on face and body and professional face spa.

However, when we age, we can only hide our age - related blemishes. I once used anti - aging cream but the price made me reconsidered. So, perhaps checking wrinkle cream review for cheap but equally effective anti - wrinkle treatment can do well.

My other sisters are however more vain as they make use of more sophisticated beauty regimen. Well, whatever beauty habit we do, the important thing is we get the right results safe and fast.f


Family Vacation Wish List

This year had allowed me to travel to three different cities and one province. While my pocket were all ripped and my debts all piled up, I only had great time traveling and wandering around.

But, I wish the rest of the family can also join me in future trips. So, the family would want to visit the following next year:

  1. Hongkong or Bangkok
  2. Boracay
  3. Cagayan and Bukidnon
  4. Bohol
  5. Lake Sebu
Perhaps, if we can only save for the trips, then, at least one target travel can be made possible.


When Social Networks Unite Families

With social networks like Twitter, Facebook and Friendster, people of different ages and culture meet and greet online.

And, with the features of social networks that allow news feeds, chat and private messages, everyone is simply hooked to the web and eccentricities of these sensational social fab.

In fact, reunions of long lost friends, loved ones and remote kin are all made possible because of social networks. My partner's families had a very successful and grand reunion of about 1000+ attendees simply through and from Facebook.

So, with most people spend much time online, they and everyone else can use this avenue for personal and social advantage.


Needing Family Exercise Again

I was once determined in doing my early jogging and biking, so determined that I was able to convince the rest of my family to join me in my morning regimen. In fact, my kid and siblings had lost weights because of our regular exercise.

But, my hectic schedule in teaching, business, blogging and other social duties required me to miss my jogs and create endless reasons to watch my diet or do other exercise works. I indeed gain extra unwanted weights. And from my typical weight of 49 - 50 kg, I am now 3 kilograms heavier.

I wish badly to resume with my jogging if only I can wake up early and hit the road before the sun can be extremely hot. So, I struggle with diet but this too is more vain and stressful. I wish to just use natural fat burners to lose the extra weights but I am pretty sure, I have to complement all my weight - loss techniques to make the weight loss more sustainable.


The Birth Order Predictor

You Are Likely an Only Child

At your darkest moments, you feel frustrated.

At work and school, you do best when you're organizing.

When you love someone, you tend to worry about them.

In friendship, you are emotional and sympathetic.

Your ideal careers are: radio announcer, finance, teaching, ministry, and management.

You will leave your mark on the world with organizational leadership, maybe as the author of self-help books.


Family Fun at Manila Ocean Park

At Oceanarium with mom and sibling

At Gerry's Grill for lunch
with sibling on Trick Art Show

After Manila Zoo, we managed to proceed to Manila Ocean Park for the Marine Show, Oceanarium, Water Fountain Dance and Jelly Fish Exhibit.

We had a very draining day but we sure had great time watching the Ocean treasures that we planned to bring the rest of the family next for them to witness the fun themselves.

We however wish to go to Subic for a more exciting ocean adventure.


Hating Family Osteoporosis

I have been having bone problems since I was a kid that I experience muscle and bone aches since time memorial. My orthopedic told my mom that my bones are genetically weak.

Now, that I am older I can see that I am becoming more slouch each day and I see the same case with my mom.

In fact, my orthodontist had to require me to take regularly calcium supplements to make sure that my teeth become more stable and stop from becoming more mobile.

There are different sources for calcium dosage and since I don't like milk, taking the tablets and alike can be highly preferred. I only hope that when I reach 60, I won't be growing any back humps from osteoporosis.


How to Have a Healthy Relationship

I am no expert in relationships; in fact, I have my ups and downs in my relationships with siblings, peers, partners and others.

So, with this restraint, I can only be curious as to how to really have a healthy relationship and what the experts really say about it.

  • Have an open communication. It is never easy to be open to someone who will only cause an eventual rift but experience tells me that misunderstanding may prolong until things are unrepairable already. So, with a compromise, you and your loved one can be on the same ground;
  • Share similar interest but explore new ones. They say that opposite attracts while this may be true, having a partner that is entirely your opposite can be quite distressing and challenging. So, having similar interests can be your neutral and fun zone.
  • Be real. If you don't want to be abused or treated badly or misunderstood, simply be yourself.
  • Discuss openly critical issues like sex, money, vices, vanity and alike. Relationships require compromise, so, if you can't get your or your partner's commitment to make both sides agree, then, expect a persisting rift.


Family Fun at Manila Zoo

with my parents and younger sibling at Manila Zoo

During the course of our Manila vacation for a week, we managed to squeeze in our schedule a trip to Manila Zoo and Ocean Park.

So, I was able to convince my younger sister to be absent from work to join us in our sight seeing. We indeed had great time checking different animals in the zoo that we wish we could have brought the kids with us. They would have enjoyed the looks of some pythons, hippopotamus, elephant and more.

We can only wish that next year, we can indeed make a trip to Manila again and visit the zoo once more.


Friday, November 26, 2010

House Helpers Bitten by the Family Dog

My sister and her ex - fiance owned a pair of chow - chow breed dogs and since they are working in different places, they decided to bring to General Santos City their pair of kernels. While they look beautiful in their lovely mare, the male dog attacked twice my other sister's house helpers. Good thing though that the dogs have updated kernel vaccinations including anti - rabies.

The family at home had gone frenzy with the attack that it made us all anxious. It is at this moment that we wish we can just have emergency medical assistance to make any emergency addressed promptly.

They did some dog bite first aid and simply head to the nearest hospital for prompt medical treatment.

I hope the instance that provoked the dog will be avoided in the future, so, dog biting incident can be avoided.


Family on Home Squat Arrangement

Our family trip to Hongkong was canceled due to unforeseen events at home, so, we ended up using the air tickets staying with my sister at her ex - fiance's place. While it brought some discomfort on her side asking for permission from her fiance's parents, it was even aggravated since the ex - fiance's father had to stay with us for a few days of seminar.

Good thing though that the father was very welcoming and accommodating. The tension was superficial but glad that we had a nice lodging arrangement that stayed with my sister's present apartment.

We can only thank enough the good tidings the ex - fiance's family extended while we were on travel. So, in few hours, we shall be back to our old place and my sister shall drag her things back to her apartment as the father stays until Monday.


Heading Home

We are now done with our a week of vacation and while we are all relieved that the vacation went well, we are somehow anxious since we still have to travel for almost two hours to head home with some stuffs to carry.

At least, the kids are excited to get their toys and while we have to attend to business stuffs as soon as my parents and I are settled.

I am only grateful that the weather is fine, at least, the travel can go smoothly. In few hours, I shall land General Santos Airport and really be home.


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Needing a Family Car

Our personal family car needs a registration and when weather and other needs require a four - wheel service, we can only wish that we can have the car registration done and made. But, more importantly, we wish to rework the car functions and parts including brakes for a long, safe and comfortable travel.

But, my sister wishes to have a family car for my parents, so, when the other car needs repair or distant travel, the rest of the folks can just go anywhere else.

My sister just have to work harder; we hope we can help her, so, the buying ca be done faster.


When Technology Unites Family

We have been away for half a week and the family at home can only be agitated and anxious. So, once in a while, we can only exchange texts, calls, chats and do video conferencing every night.

With only my siblings and partner at home to attend to everything, we can only wish that they are ok until we get back this weekend.

I guess the feeling of missing loved ones strongly apply to those who really have to be away for years from their loved ones to earn a living.

At least, with technology, the misery and longingness can be temporarily subsided and addressed. So, thank God for Internet and computer technology, because they do miracles.


Remote Family on Reunion

just few of the clan
photo source: ate tess

Just this November 21, my parents and I visited my younger sibling and stayed for a week. And, while we do our vacation, we can only do mall wandering, window shopping and reunions from left and right.

We wish we can go to my grandparents in Pangasinan but the time and weather are restrained, so, we might as well, reserve the trip next summer.

But, in spite of the short trip, we can only rest and have fun.


Friday, November 19, 2010

Family on Thanksgiving Day

As Christians, we can only be grateful for  our everyday journey in life and for our everyday blessings. In USA, Thanksgiving day is celebrated every fourth (4th) Thursday of November and for this 2010 year, Thanksgiving Day falls on November 25.   

History tells us that Thanksgiving Day is celebrated in remembrance of the pilgrims and gratitude.  And, this is indeed a big family affair; we can only wish that our families in Wisconsin can be more joyful on Thanksgiving Day and perhaps they too can enjoy the big deals from  Black Friday    for more holiday gifts and goodies. 

This year is even extra - special to them since almost all of the siblings have migrated already. Perhaps, when they are all settled, our migration request can get more attention too. 

We will just have to wait and just wish that the folks in USA are always filled with great happiness. Come November 25, we shall place our online greetings to them. 


Halloween Voodoo Kids

our voodoo boys for their Halloween school event

Before November started, the school asked the kids to be in their Halloween costumes and we simply dug their old scare costumes and just added few accessories. 

And, since we were required to bring some goodies to share, the kids brought a lot of candies from their loot cans. 

We were  equally happy though that the kids had fun.


Measles on the Family

I am sick with German measles and this probably the culprit of unusual discomfort last week until I see the rashes on my face last Wednesday. 

So, I am out from school and advised to stay home for a week. Needless to say, I have to be isolated from the rest of my family, so, not to contaminate them. However, my youngest nephew got all covered with rashes too.  Good thing though, he has anti - measles vaccination, so, his measles can last only for a short time. 

I was prescribed with anti - rashes medicines and paracetamol for pain and fever. I can only hope that my nephew gets better too and that the rest of the kids are free from this itchy condition.


Entertainment Generations for Kids

In our good old days, we settled for black - and - white television, book reading and playtime with fellow kids until our respective parents would call on us.

But, with technology hype, the definition of entertainment has also changed. Now, we spend our time watching cable programs, listening to music gadgets, and surging the net. Using HDMI cables , we can share, upload and download practically anything for free or fee.

With all these changes, physical recreational activities slow down too. No wonder, obesity has become a global health issue.

In succeeding years, we can expect digital evolution in its maximum definition and by then, we can re - define the word "entertainment" again. But, we can only hope that health issues and others are better addressed.


How Many Kids Should You Have?

Having a child is something you'd like to experience, but you're not sure about a crew of kids.
While there are downsides to having an only child, you would be able to devote all your resources to him or her.

You want to be able to balance a family with your other goals, and that would be hard to do with a lot of kids.
One kid is totally manageable for you. It may be a bit stressful to have a child, but it would be totally worth it!


Family on Trip Excitement

My folks and I shall be leaving in two days to visit my sister's place and just wander around. This has been long planned and although the original plan was to head to Hongkong, we can just cancel the out - of - the - country trip but push through with the local travel.

But, we were quite surprised when my parents started to pack already. They are indeed all excited for this travel. As for me, I can start packing tomorrow after I settle all the needed stuffs I have to do and bring.

I hope we can all rest and that the store picks up in sales. For now, we can just enjoy the anticipated vacation.


Thursday, November 18, 2010

We Love Christmas

Christmas is best - loved holiday in the Philippines and as early as September, we can already see Christmas decorations at houses and commercial establishments. And with this festive spirit, it is not unusual that people of different ages buy gifts for themselves and their loved ones.

We still have to look for lovely and exciting indoor and outdoor Christmas decorations to boost and when all see Christmas decorations, they have this jovial feeling too.

My kid for one keeps on asking what will be his Christmas gift. He is now searching among the toys what he will pick up for Christmas.


Fun SHot with Kid

My kid and his pop share the same liking for photography. So, whenever we can, we try to get pictures of loved ones and sometimes, the fun and loving moment can only be captured.

Although I put him on restrained playing, he can only be obedient since his grades had declined from losing focus on his studies.

We can only hope that his academic performance improves.


Marriage Not a Requirement to Having a Family

This disturbing title made me stopped what I do and just read through the article I found from Yahoo. It shows that 1 out 3 American kids is a child to unmarried parent, separated or divorced.

While this news may be solely for American families, this is not quite far from the present family structures and statures in the Philippines. Because of economic hard-ups, no - divorce policy among others, Filipinos would rather live together or have single - parenting arrangement rather than pursue marriage.

The liberated society made no - marriage a less vain issue. In fact, there is law that protects unmarried employees and students from being expelled from work or school. However, in spite of modern views on family, there is still a psychological pressures on kids when they see that their definition of family means one parent less or both.

I can only hope that kids, regardless of their family background, shall grow with happy and loving dispositions in life and relationships.


Saturday, November 13, 2010

Address Your Family Health Needs

Health is a basic requirement to longer life but with lifestyles and unwanted incidents may actually pose problems. Thus, we can only be proactive and reactive at the same time to ensure that we are protected at all times.

Experts say that we have to do our physical checkups once a year to check for any symptom of health problems. And, when an illness is predicted soon, treatment is most likely successful and cheap.

It is also imperative that we have health insurances, and trusted physicians to attend to us. Personally, I also have to identify a good hospital with good facilities including exam tables to make sure that my health needs and of my loved ones are addressed.

As smart persons, we don't want to risk our own lives or our loved ones' for mediocre reasons; we have to take actions to protect us at all times.


How to Encourage Verbal Skills Among Toddlers

My parents are quite worried that their 2 - year old grand child is not intelligently talking yet. He can only do babbling except for basic words like mama or dada or dodo and the rest remains to be comprehended through his actions.

But, my personal experience with my own tells me that kids learn to really talk intelligently when they reach 3 years, and then, they just don't stop talking.

So, how can we encourage speech development among our youngsters? We can only do these tips suggested by the experts:

1. talk - constantly talk to your kids to widen their vocabularies. Further, they say that adult talks to the kids can actually boost higher IQs.

2. read - read to your kids to teach new words and to encourage interactions.

3. listen - listen to what your kids say; that way, they shall learn to speak more and well.


Filipinos Unite for and through Pacman

November 14 is a red - marked date for the entire Filipinos and other boxing fanatics as 7 - time pound - for - pound boxing king shall rule again as he fights with Mexican Margarito.

My pop and brother in - law are in Gensan Gym as I type to witness the live telecast of the fight while my younger sister and I are at home to watch over the kids.

We can only be prouder as 7,000 viewers in the gym wail and anticipate for Pacman's fight. Further, almost all Filipinos nationwide including politicians, criminals, and commoners watch for this big event.

Only through Pacman that Filipinos stop bickering and fighting and simply are prouder for a world champion in town.


Protect Your Loved Ones from Obesity

Studies show that diabetes among other illnesses is now acquired because of passive and ill life styles. Gone are the days when kids play with their playmates until they sweat and go lean. When technology were not that popular yet, people would rather walk, play, or socialize. No wonder to this date, there is an increasing number of people who are overweight.

Over weight does not only degrade self – esteem but it can also be attributed to other health problems including diabetes, hypertension, and heart diseases among others.

Protect then your loved ones by living a healthy life; you can exercise, take healthy diet, and pursue healthy lifestyle. You can also consider another fast weight – loss alternative, seek the best fat burner in town.

We can take proactive actions when our health is at risk; we just have to know our options.


When Home Remedies Address Health Issues

While reading other health articles, I came across this source of good health information that can practically help families minor health issues.

One interesting home commodity is lemon juice that can be a good source of Vitamin C to improve you and your family’s immunity to colds, cough, fever and scurvy.

When pregnant women take lemon juice, they help their babies have strong bones and teeth because of the calcium content of lemonade. Further, lemon juice also has small dosage of magnesium that can actually help you treat tonsillitis, asthma, and heartburn.

Further, the pulp can be used to treat insect bites and stings. With hot water, lemonade can address digestion problems and hiccups. It can serve as a daily tonic to cleanse your kidney and liver.

When economy is hard – up, we can only think of practical ways to help our loved ones and our finances have healthy living.


When Your Kids Hate Dental Procedures

When my kid and I spent a week in our old home town, we managed to have our dental needs addressed. I had my orthodontics and tooth filling rechecked and catered to while I had my kid’s teeth checked by his uncle – dentist.

We brought my kid to his uncle – dentist, to establish trust and calming environment. My kid had his prior dental services like canal filling, cleaning and fluoride application. But, since he is 8 years old, his baby teeth began to fell and permanent teeth started to sprout out. Two of his teeth need extraction and while his uncle – dentist had become calm and patient with him, my kid could only wail in anxiety and discomfort.

While motivation and prior dental visits to pediatric dentists help, a dentist may recommend sedation to help the kids relaxed.

We partially failed to extract the needed teeth, so, we can only hope that next year, when he is older, he can be braver too.


Anticipating Family Trip

In few days, my parents and I shall head to my younger sister's place to have a short six (6) - day vacation and to wander around Manila again.

We were supposed to travel to Hongkong from Manila but since our family business went through a major transition, my mom decided to let go of the trip. Thus, we can only endure the stay in Manila until November 26.

We are still however excited since my parents shall get to see their younger offspring and the rest of my father's kin. My pop wanted to bring some gifts including cigars gifts for his siblings. Perhaps, we can bring my sister's favorite packs of tuna to fill her breakfast.

Until then, we can only do our usual works to enjoy fully the short trip.


Kid on Restraints

My kid simply loves to play with his PSP, and to watch endless cartoon movies. When he is busy with his entertainment gadgets, we can practically do anything related to business, work, and pleasures. But, this only deprives him of enough family time. While I take few minutes to an hour to help him read, or answer his assignments and do his exam reviewers, I still find it short in efforts.

So, now that his second grading report card is in where his grades had partially declined, I decided to cut the number of hours he renders for his play and view time. So, his schedule is limited to weekend playing and viewing with an hour max of play.

I can only hope that the restraint will make him prioritize his schooling more and his bonding with other kids including his cousins.


What Not to Eat When Pregnant

My younger sister and few friends are actually pregnant and since pregnancy is a blessing, it however requires due care and attention to make sure that pregnancy is healthy from conception to birth.

So, one of the things to be avoided are food that cause unwanted illness or discomfort. I gather the list below as the foods that you must avoid.

1. Uncooked meat – raw meat from fish, pork, beef or chicken may actually contain toxoplasmosis, Salmonella and bacteria that can actually cause contaminations. So, require all your meat to be well done or fully cooked;

2. Raw eggs – While eggs are rich in protein, uncooked eggs can contain Salmonella too. And if affected, you may experience discomforts like diarrhea, fever and abdominal cramps.

3. Deli Meats – foods like hotdogs, turkey/ chicken or ham sandwiches may also contain another form of bacteria, called Listeria which may cause still births, pregnancy complications or health damages. As remedy, you can reheat your deli food.
4. Fish with High Mercury Level – Carnivorous fish like tuna, shark, and swordfish may contain high level of mercury that can lead to permanent brain damages among others to your kid.


Thursday, November 11, 2010

Why You Should Plan Your Retirement

In the recent statistics of people who actually have retirement plans, only 10% are actually prepared. This means that when elders hit their no - work age, they entirely rely on their pensions or worse, depend on others to survive.

Personally, I don't want to be a burden to my family that I wish I can have a solid and sustainable retirement package to cling to. And this will require saving a little for assured future.

Insurances like health or car insurance may be an added cost but the benefits derived are incomparable. With insurances, we are are assured that when the time requires for financial assistance among others, we have other entities to help us through.

We can be proactive with our future, we just have to take immediate actions now.


Rescheduled Family Trip

We were all set for our six - day trip to Hongkong and I could only be excited for my out - of - the country travel but something came up that my parents decided to forego with the long - planned travel.

But, we shall pursue with our Manila trip and this will give my oldies some break from business and family pressures. The trip shall enable me to have a break too from my teaching and business works.

I only hope that my younger sister shall have more time with us and wander around Manila during our short trip. Perhaps, next year, we can pursue our oversea trip for more fun and excitement.


Sibling on Job Hunt

The family is going through changes as our family business shall relocate and this means pulling all resources to meet the new tenant’s policies.

And, with the financial constraints, we can only help one another to at least make through. To help my younger sibling who is still a student, I have to give a portion of my salary to pay off her tuition. My other younger siblings shall pool in too to handle day – to – day expenses. We have to avoid putting a lot of pressures on my mom since her health is quite weak.

We can only support the desire of our youngest sister to hunt for a parttime job for her to earn extra. Not only that the job experience will help her with her personal expenditures but it will also teach her how to appreciate hard – earned pay.


Why You Should Have Your Own Place

While most Filipinos have this distinct culture of close knit kin to the point that extended families stay under one roof, others would prefer to have their own place for privacy and economics.

Two years ago, we have our own home, and we could simply do anything at our own bidding without concern for what others must say. And, with that, our budget was somehow controlled and predictable.

But, since we decided to relocate and stay with my parents, we just have to both enjoy and endure the perks of sharing a roof with the rest of the family.

Thus, we started building our own place with two bedrooms and a communal bathroom just within the family lot to have a little privacy and to manage our finances well. It is not unusual that Filipinos have to help their family when things go bad, so, normally, when financial pressures kick in, we can only oblige to help.

We can only hope that our new house can be finally completed. For one, we shall be needing a lovely bathroom from and a good set of furniture.

I have to share the new house with my sister though but since we might be migrating soon, we can only welcome other housemates.


Cancelled Hongkong Family Trip

We were supposed to leave for HongKong this late November but something came up that everyone in the family is anxious. For one, my mom's furniture business shall be relocated to a new place after decades of stay in her present location.

But, we shall proceed with our Manila trip and somehow the 6 - day trip will give us the break from other stuffs.

We just have to reschedule the out - of - country trip to next and perhaps, my other siblings and own kid can join us.


Thursday, November 4, 2010

When Family Heirloom Matters

In the Philippines, we place high regard for family relationships and with that, most family and kin practically do help one another. And sometimes, this includes giving financial aid to less privileged family members. Further, it includes sharing our very home to other extended family members.

It is then typical that we don our loved ones with gifts as sign of our affection for one another. And these gifts that are passed from one generation to another become family heirloom and regardless of monetary values, they are considered priceless. Family heirlooms may include house decors, Cubic Zirconia jewelry and alike, and other personal stuffs.

I personally hold an old pair of emerald earrings that had been with my husband's grandmother. My mother in-law had to give the pair to me and since it is a family heirloom, I can only take care of it with higher regard. And, if one day, I shall have my own daughter or daughter in-law or grandchild, I shall pass this old pair of earring too.


Siblings' Wish List

with siblings and my kid in Puerto Galera 2010 escapade

with my younger sibling and kid at Mall of Asia, Manila

with family in December 2009 on White Haven, Gumasa, Glan

with my other sibling and friend

We have been wanting to visit different places in the country and out of the country to have fun together and since vacation trips are quite expensive, we can only seed resources for the upcoming travel.

I guess any vacation shall be more fun if loved ones are just around. And, my younger siblings and I wish to visit Boracay and go to Malaysia next year.

For now, we can only keep our fingers crossed.


Grand Family Reunion

with cousin in - laws

my kid waiting for his apple freebie from the City Mayor, Celso Lobregat

the rest of the Bucoy clan

Last October 30, the Bucoy clan had chosen to convene in one of the elementary school gyms in Zambonga City. And, since it was only the 2nd clan reunion, they were only expecting around 300 but the gym was all swarmed with every Bucoy clan member.

The entire day was filled with dining, entertainment, and more reminiscence. The day ended early evening and after the event, we simply headed to other SOX bloggers meet.


Wanting Longer Vacation

We just came from a week of vacation and with all the busy stuffs I did for school and store, I can only wish I had a longer vacation to get fully relaxed. We only had two weeks of semestral break since classes for first semester ended and I spent my other vacant time wandering with my kid and siblings, reading my favorite books and vacationing with old friends and kin.

We shall soon be off to leave for HongKong for another short days and I wish after this November vacation, the entire family can be off to other places like Orlando vacations for more fun and excitement.

When we are too drained with a lot of stuffs, it is only vital that we get a time off to get recharged and energized.


Reunion of Cousins

I found this picture of my kid with his cousins Ae and Owen and it was two years ago that they saw one another.

And, with the reunion, my kid only wanted to extend our vacation for another week. He however missed his other cousins who left for Cebu City but had fun time with his other cousins who shared his inclination for PSP games and XBOX.

Well, come next year, we can visit be in Zamboanga City again for a much longer stay.


When Friends Become Family

with childhood buddies (with one missing)
in our latest group picture at Jardin del Pilar, Zamboanga City

It is not unusual that people get friends but they can all be lucky if they get true ones who stick with them through thick and thin.

This is the case with my childhood buddies; we have been friends since grade 3 and the rest is indeed history. We all are married now with different strife, and stories of laughs, cries and good moments. While we have our differences, we somehow respect each other's decision and just stand by whenever we are needed.

So, we end up becoming godmother to each other's kids and remain sister - friends until we age way older.