Sunday, November 28, 2010

Be More Radiant Through the Year

The year 2010 is almost done and with a new year coming up, we can only create a new year's resolution.

While we want to be more nice, smart and wealthy this new year, we can't help but also wish more.

So, how can we be more radiant through out the year. I can only cite the following suggestions:

1. Eat more healthy foods including fruits, vegetables and less in carbohydrates.
2. Exercise regularly for better blood circulation, bone growth, and controlled weights.
3. Refrain from health - risk habits including smoking and drinking.
4. Use beauty regimen including home - made activities or from commercial companies to acquire best anti aging product and other beauty stuffs.
5. Use any form of stress - relieving activity.
6. Have healthy relationship with peers and loved ones.
7. Enjoy your job.



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