Friday, November 26, 2010

Family on Home Squat Arrangement

Our family trip to Hongkong was canceled due to unforeseen events at home, so, we ended up using the air tickets staying with my sister at her ex - fiance's place. While it brought some discomfort on her side asking for permission from her fiance's parents, it was even aggravated since the ex - fiance's father had to stay with us for a few days of seminar.

Good thing though that the father was very welcoming and accommodating. The tension was superficial but glad that we had a nice lodging arrangement that stayed with my sister's present apartment.

We can only thank enough the good tidings the ex - fiance's family extended while we were on travel. So, in few hours, we shall be back to our old place and my sister shall drag her things back to her apartment as the father stays until Monday.



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