Saturday, November 13, 2010

How to Encourage Verbal Skills Among Toddlers

My parents are quite worried that their 2 - year old grand child is not intelligently talking yet. He can only do babbling except for basic words like mama or dada or dodo and the rest remains to be comprehended through his actions.

But, my personal experience with my own tells me that kids learn to really talk intelligently when they reach 3 years, and then, they just don't stop talking.

So, how can we encourage speech development among our youngsters? We can only do these tips suggested by the experts:

1. talk - constantly talk to your kids to widen their vocabularies. Further, they say that adult talks to the kids can actually boost higher IQs.

2. read - read to your kids to teach new words and to encourage interactions.

3. listen - listen to what your kids say; that way, they shall learn to speak more and well.



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