Thursday, November 18, 2010

Marriage Not a Requirement to Having a Family

This disturbing title made me stopped what I do and just read through the article I found from Yahoo. It shows that 1 out 3 American kids is a child to unmarried parent, separated or divorced.

While this news may be solely for American families, this is not quite far from the present family structures and statures in the Philippines. Because of economic hard-ups, no - divorce policy among others, Filipinos would rather live together or have single - parenting arrangement rather than pursue marriage.

The liberated society made no - marriage a less vain issue. In fact, there is law that protects unmarried employees and students from being expelled from work or school. However, in spite of modern views on family, there is still a psychological pressures on kids when they see that their definition of family means one parent less or both.

I can only hope that kids, regardless of their family background, shall grow with happy and loving dispositions in life and relationships.



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