Sunday, November 28, 2010

Needing Family Exercise Again

I was once determined in doing my early jogging and biking, so determined that I was able to convince the rest of my family to join me in my morning regimen. In fact, my kid and siblings had lost weights because of our regular exercise.

But, my hectic schedule in teaching, business, blogging and other social duties required me to miss my jogs and create endless reasons to watch my diet or do other exercise works. I indeed gain extra unwanted weights. And from my typical weight of 49 - 50 kg, I am now 3 kilograms heavier.

I wish badly to resume with my jogging if only I can wake up early and hit the road before the sun can be extremely hot. So, I struggle with diet but this too is more vain and stressful. I wish to just use natural fat burners to lose the extra weights but I am pretty sure, I have to complement all my weight - loss techniques to make the weight loss more sustainable.



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