Thursday, November 4, 2010

When Family Heirloom Matters

In the Philippines, we place high regard for family relationships and with that, most family and kin practically do help one another. And sometimes, this includes giving financial aid to less privileged family members. Further, it includes sharing our very home to other extended family members.

It is then typical that we don our loved ones with gifts as sign of our affection for one another. And these gifts that are passed from one generation to another become family heirloom and regardless of monetary values, they are considered priceless. Family heirlooms may include house decors, Cubic Zirconia jewelry and alike, and other personal stuffs.

I personally hold an old pair of emerald earrings that had been with my husband's grandmother. My mother in-law had to give the pair to me and since it is a family heirloom, I can only take care of it with higher regard. And, if one day, I shall have my own daughter or daughter in-law or grandchild, I shall pass this old pair of earring too.



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