Saturday, November 13, 2010

When Your Kids Hate Dental Procedures

When my kid and I spent a week in our old home town, we managed to have our dental needs addressed. I had my orthodontics and tooth filling rechecked and catered to while I had my kid’s teeth checked by his uncle – dentist.

We brought my kid to his uncle – dentist, to establish trust and calming environment. My kid had his prior dental services like canal filling, cleaning and fluoride application. But, since he is 8 years old, his baby teeth began to fell and permanent teeth started to sprout out. Two of his teeth need extraction and while his uncle – dentist had become calm and patient with him, my kid could only wail in anxiety and discomfort.

While motivation and prior dental visits to pediatric dentists help, a dentist may recommend sedation to help the kids relaxed.

We partially failed to extract the needed teeth, so, we can only hope that next year, when he is older, he can be braver too.



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