Thursday, November 11, 2010

Why You Should Have Your Own Place

While most Filipinos have this distinct culture of close knit kin to the point that extended families stay under one roof, others would prefer to have their own place for privacy and economics.

Two years ago, we have our own home, and we could simply do anything at our own bidding without concern for what others must say. And, with that, our budget was somehow controlled and predictable.

But, since we decided to relocate and stay with my parents, we just have to both enjoy and endure the perks of sharing a roof with the rest of the family.

Thus, we started building our own place with two bedrooms and a communal bathroom just within the family lot to have a little privacy and to manage our finances well. It is not unusual that Filipinos have to help their family when things go bad, so, normally, when financial pressures kick in, we can only oblige to help.

We can only hope that our new house can be finally completed. For one, we shall be needing a lovely bathroom from and a good set of furniture.

I have to share the new house with my sister though but since we might be migrating soon, we can only welcome other housemates.



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