Monday, December 27, 2010

How to Organize Your Family and Business Documents

Papers are simply too many to bear especially if you see a dozen or two and when the entire family's and the business' affairs are in question, you just wish you can have a magic wand to organize the documents and work promptly on what must be done. But, with technology and innovations, we can only be more practical.

I heard there is a system called document management system that keeps all your relevant personal and commercial documents organized and safe. Of course, we can have filing cabinets as one of the physical solutions to keeping our documents intact, but, paperless technology allows us to secure our soft files too.

So, perhaps, if we want to be all sane and secured, we can only try technology at its best.


What Do the Contents of Your Refrigerator Say About You?

Your Refrigerator Says You Are a Somewhat Adventurous Eater

You don't need a lot of stuff to be happy. There isn't a greedy bone in your body.

You are a very thrifty person. You don't like to waste money... or food.

You don't tend to be a very adventurous person, but you do surprise everyone now and then. You have a bit of a wild side.

You try to be responsible, but you don't always succeed. Your heart is in the right place though.

You are likely single - and a workaholic.


Family Wish List for 2011

We are now on our last week before 2010 closes its doors for a new year. Needless to say, we have to again prepare our list of New Year's Resolution to mean that we shall be all good and nice this 2011.

But, we won't be making any list of what must be done, we would rather make a list of what we should want to have and do this 2011 as a family.

  • exercise regularly at least 3x a week;
  • family vacation or two in our hometown and outside the country;
  • try eco - adventure like zipline, caving and climbing again;
  • start the food family business;


Another Baby in the Family

In few days, we shall be welcoming another new member in the family as my younger sister shall give birth. This time, we shall be welcoming a baby girl after three (3) male broods.

We shall soon have a baby shower for my sister and perhaps design lovely baby shower thank you cards for our friends and loved ones who wish my sister and the entire family well.

With the new year, we can only be more happy and grateful because of the new addition. We can only hope that the new baby is all healthy and my sister's delivery shall go fine and safe too.


Family Movie Marathon

We have two weeks of vacation since classes were officially off for the holiday break and we can only rest and have fun while we do more worthwhile stuffs for work, business and family.

But, we have more reasons to be idle and we use the time to do our long - overdue morning jogs, attend to business works, blog updates and more of movie watching.

As I type, we are now on our 3rd movie since we wake up. Geez! I am getting eye strains already. LOL! We still have a few nice rented movies to watch for and we can only schedule them after we get our other stuffs done.

After this last movie, I can help my kid with his exam reviews, then, I can continue with my grades and exam - reviewer making.


Foods that can Reduce Cancer in the Family

When a family member is sick, everyone is simply affected and that also includes ripping financial budget to include medication and treatment. But, when we care for our loved ones, we can only think of ways to make sure that they are healthy and safe at all times.

But, in the recent studies, present illnesses are not anymore brought by bad bloodline but also because of poor lifestyle which includes poor diet and lack of exercise.

So, when our diet includes these cancer - preventing foods, somehow our health risks to cancer particularly, colon, breast, stomach, lung among others can greatly help:

  • garlic - breast, colon, esophageal, and stomach cancers
  • beans - breast and colon cancers
  • berries - colon, esophageal, oral, and skin cancers
  • walnuts - breast and prostate cancers
  • tomatoes - endometrial, lung, prostate, and stomach cancers
  • broccoli - breast, liver, lung, prostate, skin, stomach, and bladder cancers

fact source: shine.


Family Christmas Celebration

We managed to celebrate our Christmas as one complete family except for the fact that my younger sister had to celebrate it with her extended family.

We failed to be awake until Christmas eve but we managed to be up and running on Christmas day and watched together with the kids a Metro Manila Film Fest movie, the RPG Metanoia which earned 3rd place in the MMFF Awards Night.

The grand winners from the MMFF Awards Night had brought home elegant trophies and awards that they can be doubly be proud of.

We quite love the RPG Metanoia that in spite of its animated story, it illustrated Philippine culture and now forgotten game tradition.

We concluded the big day with some pizza treats.


Family Picture Taken (Again)

It was two years ago when we all decided to go to a photo studio for a family picture. With additional years, it can't be avoided that we have grown additional weights and wrinkle lines. But today, we have an added member as we have our youngest member.

We tried the new photo studio at the mall where we hold our boutique and we sported red and green motif, so, in two - three days, we shall have our prints of 2010 family pictures and if we are lucky, we can have a tarpaulin prints again.

I wonder if we can have framed family photo this time.


Siblings' Travel Again

It has been few days since I arrived from Zamboanga City after I traversed 10 cities in just 4 days when I took the bus from General Santos - Davao - Bukidnon - Cagayan - Pagadian and Zamboanga - Cotabato.

I quite had a very draining and dragging days as I traveled alone and with the swarming passengers because of the holiday rush.

But, while I was forced to travel because of my orthodontics treatment, my sister from Manila has arrived too for 2 weeks of long vacation.

At least, in spite of the long and tiring travel, we were all complete to celebrate Christmas and New Year.


Saturday, December 18, 2010

Birthday in the Family Plus 1 More

My mother in - law enjoys her natal day today and while she is in Wisconsin with the rest of the family, we could only call her up and greet her with our warm greetings and wishes.

Of course, the rest of the kin greeted her through social networks while the ones who are physically present, bought some good food and ordered flower bouquets to cheer her more.

The nice thing about December birthdays is the fact that most people are jovial because of the holiday season and the fact reunions are normally held in this month.

Come May, we shall soon see our family from Wisconsin and then it will be more joyful and warm.


Sister Gone Home

with mom and younger sibling

Finally, our younger sibling who stays in Manila for work has arrived for a two - week vacation. We are only pretty excited to have her especially this holiday season and that would mean, dining and more mall wandering.

More importantly, my folks are happier to see the entire family again.


Cultivate a Culture of Generosity Among the Kids


We successfully concluded our Dental and Medical mission to indigenous people of Mt. Matutum. And, with the joint forces of the SOCCSKSARGEN BLOGGERS and ROTARY CLUB of POLOMOLOK, we managed to give gift bags to more than 35 families and had their feedings too. We were joined by Rotary Club student members with a fellow blogger's kid.

When my kid and I joined the first visit to the community, we promised to come back in December for holiday giveaways. My kid was not able to join me but he and my nephew collected the books that they wish to share.

Somehow, when kids are taught to help others when they grow up, they try to manifest and enlive the same culture.

I hope next year we can help and give again.


Sunday, December 12, 2010

How to Choose the Best Gifts within Your Limited Budget

Holidays are not really complete without the gifts we endow our friends, boss, and loved ones. And, if money is not an issue, we can practically find the best gifts on any store rack we see. But, if budget is a major issue in finding the best gifts, we can somehow remedy this by becoming practical and smart buyer and go for the Best Buy in town.

So, before you haunt malls and stores for your required purchases, make a short list of the persons whom you should buy gifts for. Identify what they probably like or love and make short – list options for the possible gifts.

With this pre – knowledge of your possible gift ideas, search for local stores and customers’ feedback that can be basis for buying quality but cheap goodies.

You can use cash or credit terms in paying your goodies; Irregardless of your payment form, make sure that you don’t go overboard and miss out other gifts needed.

More importantly, find joy in buying for your dear ones.


Family Day for Us After Blog Fest 2010

Last week was a very busy week for us as we worked on blog shirt printing for Blog Fest 2010 and used the shirts for blog cause. We somehow sold a few dozen while others are to be made yet.

And, since the Blog Fest 2010 was a whole day that continued to SOX Bloggers’ Party, we were practically out until late evening that my kid had to sleep over my parents’ bedroom.

We were supposed to join the Sarangani Adventure but I passed the event for a good sleep and time with my kid. So, I used the morning to attend to business but we had the afternoon watching Narnia’s latest episode.

At least, we were all relaxed and had a great time together. Come holiday vacation, we can have longer rest and fun periods.


How to Make Your Reunions Disaster Free

In this time of anticipated holidays, reunions with friends and families simply fill your calendars and if you are too lucky, you simply become the main host or hostess.

So, how can you become the able host for any form of reunions:

1. Make a plan list for all the stuffs to be covered (i.e. guests, theme of party, food, venue, and other trivial stuffs );

2. Delegate some tasks to other family members, so, you can attend to other concerns in your reunion;

3. Depending on your venue, you can simply hire other party to attend to tables/chairs, sound systems, decorations, entertainment, food and party demolition.

4. Knowing your guests will also help you in your planning, so, if some guests are allergic or forbidden to take something, perhaps, you can be sensitive to their needs without alienating others.

5. Be the candid and welcoming host; know your guests and show genuine interest in them.

6. Simply enjoy the big day and all your efforts become more worthwhile.


Monday, December 6, 2010

Fast Ways to Remove Your Stress

Second semester is already up and running and though we had a two - week vacation from school works and pressures, we are quite drained and loaded with all the social duties, family and business pressures.

Just like anyone who simply needs a break, you can simply find ways to relieve your stress. You can try these suggestions:

1. Develop an exercise regimen such as aerobics, jogging, biking, and alike;
2. Enjoy soothing warm / cold soak in one of soaking tubs grand with complimenting aroma;
3. Meet up with friends and / or loved ones or friends for a good coffee break or two;
4. Splurge in body massage and spa;
5. Finish a long - due activity like finishing your novel or following a drama series.


Family Reunions and Counting

Now that December is officially up and running, families and friends have had started their reunions. In fact, my high school batch mates concluded our annual reunion last December 4 to avoid the holiday reunion rush.

We, Filipinos, are simply fond of social gatherings and when December is around the corner, you bet, we can be in most family and other social gatherings for some bonding.

Schools in fact hold annual alumni reunions for their graduates just to reminisce old memories and to give opportunities for alumni to meet once more.

Well, in this jovial season, we can only celebrate with loved ones and friends.


How to Increase Big Savings on Holiday Gifts for Loved Ones

Since mid – November, every day the malls are swarmed with countless of customers on hunt of gifts for their loved ones and the buying number is indeed overwhelming compared to the other months where our store could practically complain of almost zero sales.

With released bonuses among most employees, they become impulsive and generous in terms of buying whatever pleases them. So, to make sure that they get the most from their bonuses, I wish to suggest the following money – saving techniques:

1. List what you should buy and for whom;
2. Set a ceiling amount for your gift buying;
3. Search and compare in your local stores and even in online shops for big – saving products;
4. Find other interesting gifts but of equal or higher value;
5. Lastly, if you can buy earlier than the rest of the buying crowd, you save yourself from beating other customers for big deals;