Sunday, December 12, 2010

How to Make Your Reunions Disaster Free

In this time of anticipated holidays, reunions with friends and families simply fill your calendars and if you are too lucky, you simply become the main host or hostess.

So, how can you become the able host for any form of reunions:

1. Make a plan list for all the stuffs to be covered (i.e. guests, theme of party, food, venue, and other trivial stuffs );

2. Delegate some tasks to other family members, so, you can attend to other concerns in your reunion;

3. Depending on your venue, you can simply hire other party to attend to tables/chairs, sound systems, decorations, entertainment, food and party demolition.

4. Knowing your guests will also help you in your planning, so, if some guests are allergic or forbidden to take something, perhaps, you can be sensitive to their needs without alienating others.

5. Be the candid and welcoming host; know your guests and show genuine interest in them.

6. Simply enjoy the big day and all your efforts become more worthwhile.



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