Friday, January 28, 2011

How to Find a Job

Economists say that 2011 shall be a hopeful year since recession hit in 2009 and ths is indeed a good news for millions of job seekers in various fields especially jobs in health care that top the job opportunities.

While it may be easier said than done, finding a job can be quite elusive and dragging. So, to help you find a job, you can try any or all of these alternatives:

  1. Check local newspapers for job postings;
  2. Visit probable companies for job vacancy. There may be no job opening at the time of your visit but you can be highly considered the moment there is a vacancy.
  3. Seek referrals from friends and / or relatives.
  4. Visit company websites for career postings.
  5. Visit job portals for human resource pooling.
  6. Seek job agencies.

You can however make your waiting more worthwhile if you harness your skills through further trainings or advance education. This shall increase your chance of getting the best job.


How to Make Your Family Travel Trouble Free

Traveling is a usual activity for my family that at least we travel once in a year for a few weeks of vacation. So, at much as possible, we make sure that the travel is convenient to start the vacation right.

So, if you too has a scheduled family trip, it will help you better if you can consider the following tips:

  • Choose the right medium of travel. This may be through plane, boat, bus or car that can both serve your budget and provide you travel comfort;
  • List the individual travel needs of each member. If your family member has a special need because of his or her illness / condition, look into this immediately and see if where you are heading and the medium for travel is convenient for everyone.
  • Pack lightly. This will avoid baggage weights’ fees and back pains and with the finite number of days for travel, you would know the volume of what to bring. Knowing the weather of your destination can be a smart basis of what to bring. You can buy other stuffs in your destination should you need one.
  • Bring first aid. This is a must travel or not because you never know when accidents or incidents happen.
  • Plan your IT. To make the most out of your travel, you may want to hire a tour agency or do self - exploratory to check on and try tourist spots, delicacies and new adventures. Have an amazing experience or two from your travel as this will make all your efforts more meaningful.


When Separation Anxiety Occurs in the Family

When my parents decided to relocate to our old home town to start a new venture after declared a lambasted failure from the furniture business, we can only be both hopeful but anxious to the lurking change.

They shall be bringing with them my youngest nephew while my youngest sister and other nephew shall live with us. While I am used to attending my kin, I can only express separation anxiety since the change will indeed affect everyone else at home.

Gone shall be the support system we get from our parents and the noise from our youngest bugger. Also, we shall be missing the usual family routines that we do: dining out and chit chats.

But, since the trip is scheduled and planned, at least, the anxiety slims down over time. We can only be hopeful that the transition serves everyone else better. Somehow, communication through SMS and phone calls can alleviate the anxiety.


Thursday, January 20, 2011

Tips to De-stress Your Day

A bad hair day can simply cause anxiety, anger, disappointment and stress that you wish you can just leave work, fire an employee, strangle someone, or drop dead drunk.

But, irregardless of the causes of stress, it shall be smart and helpful if we find ways to de - stress a bad time. I can only cite these effective and personally experienced strategies:

  • work - out in a gym or do outdoor exercise like jogging or swimming to clear your head and intense emotions;
  • have a social drinking or smoking macanudo cigars with a friend or two;
  • have a breathing exercise whenever you are all too stressed out;
  • taking a boxing or taekwando session just to release your anger;
  • dine with your close friend or loved one in an elegant and classy resto;
  • go out with girl or boy friends for a coffee break.


Can You Leave Home Without Make-up

I was all intrigued with this Yahoo article, Are you addicted to makeup?, and I can only feel guilty since I have to be well made - up before leaving home and head to store or school. And, like most women, makeup helps in looking good and feeling good.

So, I am not at all surprised to see the following poll survey results excerpted from

  • Over 33% felt their partner would not have been attracted to them if they hadn't been wearing makeup when they met
  • 1 in 3 women refuse to go out in public without wearing makeup
  • 1 in 10 women polled said they would never ever let their partner see them without a full face of makeup on
  • The average woman waits 2.5 months before going makeup-less in front of her partner
  • 14% of women get out of bed early to put on makeup before their partner wakes up
  • Six in 10 women will not go to work without makeup
  • Nearly 25% believe they would be ignored for a promotion if they didn't wear makeup
  • 37% think their managers would assume they didn’t take care of themselves


Tips for Your Family to Avoid Carnapping

It has been in the national news the persisting and alarming cases of carnapping in the Philippines. And, the number continues to accelerate causing only more dread among the public. Thus, the Philippine National Police warns the driving public to be vigilant as various techniques are used to make carnapping possible.

Here are the most common strategies employed by carnappers:

  • intentionally collide with the marked vehicle forcing the driver to go out from his car;
  • a pedestrian pretends to be bumped on;
  • fake police personnel holds the car for inspection;
  • pretend buyer asks for a road test;
  • pretend passenger to carnap taxi's and other public vehicles.

With these possible strategies, PNP gives the following tips:
  • Lock your car when you have to leave;
  • Never leave valuable things inside your car;
  • Trust only credible buyers with due IDs


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

How to Plan for Your House

If you are too lucky and simply have the resources to design for your own house, then, there are simply things to evaluate before you hire house builders and interior decorators to do their works.

Your house should be a reflection of your personality and prevailing culture. Remember that your house should have a comfortable and warm atmosphere and peaceful enough to be a resting haven. Thus, when you design your house, its fixtures and furniture including pine beds , color and space among others, let it be a comfortable and satisfying decision.

Consider too future plans like having another baby, putting up more furnitures, creating a livelier atmosphere. So, it is best when you and concerned family members confer with an architect and house builders for a better - informed plan. When this is realized, you and your loved ones will simply love going home.


Tips to Attending a Newborn

My younger sibling just gave birth to a new baby girl and since she is the first girl among the grandchildren, we are only delighted to welcome the change.

My kid is now 8 years old and the feeling of attending a newborn seems remote to me. So, I decided to take a refresher’s course again to at least help my sibling. Here are the basics:

Attend to the cut umbilical cord with ethyl alcohol instead of isopropyl for moisture and less pain;

  • Record baby’s sleeping and feeding pattern, so, you can synchronize your own sleeping pattern.
  • Watch out for milestones according to the newborn’s age. If something seems wrong, feel free to discuss this with your baby’s pediatrician. A newborn screening must always be done to determine signs of dysfunction or abnormality.
  • Take due care on how your baby responds to his/her milk, diaper, soap and others since your baby may be allergic or uncomfortable with what you provide. What can work on other babies doesn’t always suit to other babies, so, be vigilant and responsive.
  • Take due care too when you place stuffs on your baby’s crib since crib deaths normally happen because of suffocation among others.
  • Allow growth boost like music, visual pattern toys, talks, and touches because your baby hears and feels your care and love and this shall boost mental and emotional growth.


How to Handle Family Separation

It is not unusual and exclusive when parents have to part ways or parents have to leave their children for good or for short period of time. But, when this event happens, children and parents normally feel anxiety. Personally, I don’t want to be separated from my kid for over a week.

So, when separation is inevitable, how do parents and children handle this? My readings and experience tell me that separation can be better handled if it is well – planned. We condition our mind that eventually separation can happen. We plan out who shall be with the kids, how your home can be managed, what communication media should be used among others. When you allow a responsible and trusted person to be with your ward or children, this can alleviate separation anxiety. Make sure however , that your kids or wards are comfortable with their guardian, so, don’t just designate a stranger or a remote relative to be with them because their anxiety can double up.

Keeping you agreed plans can further calm and comfort your kids too. So, when you say, you should be back on certain date, then, keep it unless otherwise something unexpected happens.


Monday, January 17, 2011

How to Take Care of Your Family's Uniforms

Laundry is never a fun nor an easy activity; in fact, most people hate laundry that they let professional laundry service providers handle the dirty job. But, when professional laundry service is not a practical option, you can only resort to doing your dirty work yourself.

So, when your family members like spouse, sibling or children wear regularly their school or office uniform including scrubs require us to do laundry, we wish we can have easy works on them.

But, you can have fast and right laundry if you know these smart tips:

  • read the after - care ticket of your shirts, socks, pants, uniforms including cotton scrubs or cotton scrub to make sure that their laundry and ironing shall go without disaster;
  • separate color - fading clothes from the others; you can test a portion of the garment to check whether they color fade.
  • wash clothes like scrub sets of the same color, material for similar washing technique.
  • wash promptly clothes with stains to contain further damage.
  • use clothes - friendly detergent and stain remover.


When You Are the Head of the Family

Extended family in the Philippines is not an exclusive scenario. In fact, it is a typical family structure that can be dated generations after generations. This kind of filial connections can be attributed to the Filipino culture.

Thus, when parents are not able to fend for themselves, usually, the children do the living for the rest of the family and this include attending to younger siblings or fending after sibling's kids, parents' relatives and so on. While all these can be an illustration of kinship, it has its drawbacks too.

So, when you are the bread winner or the head of the family and you have a number of ward to attend to, you may be bleed to death from working a job or two. Nevertheless, when it brings you joy to take care of your family, then, pursuing a life for the family is not at all a burden.


The Amusement Park Test

You Are Restless

You're never one to feel too settled in your life - you're always looking to shake things up.

You are lively and energetic. Even when you feel done for the day, you usually still do something else.

You are enthusiastic and optimistic. Many things sound good to you, and you are reluctant to rule options out.

You are quick to respond. You sometimes get a little tired of waiting for everyone else.


When a Family Business Closes Down

When you start a business, you take greater risks than being employed. Not only that your income depends on how your sales goes, you also have other employees and operational costs to attend to irregardless of your sales. Thus, when recession hits home, you can only let go some of your employees until your business has nothing to bleed that you are forced to close down.

A family business may be easy to create and operate but when resources and management fail, the business may go down the drain as fast as it previously climbs. So, when the business fails, it follows suit that the family experiences a major setback, a cut limb to endure for longer time.

It is quite natural in the Philippines where close family knit prevails that family business is not an exclusive phenomenon. A good number of family businesses actually overwhelm the country. And, the business is normally passed down generations to generations that when it is forced to close down due to bad economy, sentimental mood along with family's resources are drained.

Whether a business is family managed or not, it is still subject to management, resources and economy. Thus, we can't only blame management when things go bad. We can only hope that inclusive factors to keeping a business remain thriving.


How to Take Care of Your House Pets

We have been having pets at home to include small tortoise, guinea pig, cats, and dogs.

While most of these animals are low breed, they still require attention and care.

We once had a pure breed of dalmatian but died on Christmas Day, and followed by a German shepherd. But, had to give him to a veterinarian friend since we have to relocate.

But, recently, my younger sibling relocated her 2 chow chow dogs.

Irregardless whether a pet is of higher breed or not, they have their own rights including to:

  • get the right nutrition through proper diet;
  • exercise;
  • receive regular vaccination;
  • expression of love through good rubs among others;
  • good grooming.


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Wanted: Family Exercise

For several months, I have all the excuses to miss my morning jogs and every end of the day, I feel sorry and guilty that I miss the exercise again and complain persistently over my bulging stomach.

As much as possible, I skip snacks but with my increasing appetite, my urge to diet is always vain and fruitless. Perhaps, I will just have to consider other weight - loss alternatives including safe diet pills. I can do a research review to determine which diet pill is the best to make sure that my efforts and money won't go to waste.

For now, I must have strong will to go back to jogging and dieting to keep my weight from increasing.


Why the Old Can’t Find a Job

Now that my younger sibling had given birth, she is now in dire need to look for a job while her husband goes to school. While they are well supported by families, I quite know that my sister would rather have her source of income.

So, just recently, she has been asking friends and other entities for a job. The thing when you are pass your youth, your opportunities for everything become slim too.

While this condition can be selective and country – based, in the Philippines, when you are married and/or past 25 years old, you can’t just find a job. You have to go through hurdles of tacks and pins to really get a decent position.

Thus, how does age affect performance? I guess employers think that they can’t teach old dogs new tricks, and the old are too prone to stagnation, sickness and procrastination. Plus, they are near to retirement that whatever trainings given, the return can be slim and brief.

I only pray that my sister shall indeed find a good job for her family’s sake.


When Special Children Needs Special Care

My kid and nephew last night had an assignment to describe their classmates. My kid described one girl classmate to be haughty, dirty, noisy, bully among others. And while we don’t wonder why such description overwhelms the girl, we can only remember the number of times my kid had to cry because of her mischief.

The girl had special disorder and while we are concerned with her condition, we don’t personally agree that she should be with the normal kids since she requires special attention.

Kids with special cases must be handled under a scientific program and guided with experts in the field. While the public can sympathize, the special children have different needs and care requirement that only the experts can provide. If these kids are left to their own, they risk being ridiculed, harmed and unguided.

We quite know that the school is well informed of the girl’s needs, so, we can just only hope something should be done this new school year.


Pursuing House Re-construction

We did start with our new house three years ago but when my schooling and family business have put a lot of economic pressure, we had to stall the construction.

But, my younger sibling just gave birth and since she wanted to go back to work again but leaving her daughter to us, she wants to continue the house construction. I wish I can pitch in enough budget since I want the house to be with two bedrooms, spacious living and kitchen areas, and communal CR with glass tile to boost.

Perhaps, if the business gets better and our income improves, my sister and I can continue the house building and have our own privacy and space.


How to Increase Your Savings

In the recent Yahoo article, Top 5 Things You Should Never Pay For, it cited things that we normally buy and pay for and with the tips, it can actually help in saving a dime or two. So, you can stop paying for bottled water, cellphone, credit reports, grocery staples, boxes because with a little research and query, you can have all these for free.

Further, you can save too when you get a load of product samples, and product coupons. Don't overdo however because stacking much may mean bigger expense especially if you don't use what you have bought. Perhaps, you and your friend can split on the items and cost.

For short distances, skip your vehicle to save on gas. Walk instead to save on your car and to burn some sweat.

With technology, save on communication cost from using your cellphone or telephone as applications like Skype, Yahoomail, uLink among others can be used for video calling and SMS.

We may be saving only saving a few but when these dimes are accumulated over time, you may be surprised how much you have saved.


Why a Good Number of Constituents Are Still Unemployed

Economists say that 2011 shall be more hopeful in terms of recession recovery while this seems to be true for affected areas like export, furniture, real estate, fashion and electronics, some fledgling commercial entities continue to struggle.

And, with this persisting grim economy, the Filipinos and the rest of the individuals worldwide remain unemployed.

While there are industries that are undeserved or fairly served, the number of applicants simply does not have or lack the skills to fill the job.

Further, there are too many applicants but with smaller demands. Take for instance, a number of Filipino nurses are unemployed and while there are jobs for them, they simply don’t qualify. Thus, we begin to question how their degrees are earned.

Unemployment is not a personal issue alone; in fact, it can be a part of a bigger concern : poor education, bad economy, and political leadership.


Owner - Manager - Store Attendant in One

When one of the store attendants gave birth, we were forced to attend to the store everyday to assist the other store attendant. And, since we still do not have POS systems for sale and inventory records, I have to work on the ledgers and receipts while the store attendant works on the physical counting.

With all the number of stocks that come and go, sometimes, we get all confused with our records that we have to backtrack sales and expenditures one after another.

As soon as resources will allow it, we shall acquire a POS system to make the sale and inventory more accurate and faster.


The Zamboanga AirSoft Family

preparing for the game

Before we relocated to General Santos City, my partner and I had been joining the Zamboanga Airsoft (ZAS) Team and normally, we played during Sundays. So, when a fellow ZAS member tagged an old picture, I can't help but miss the game and the boys.

My partner is now a member of Airsoft Group of General Santos City but I still have to join him in his games. Perhaps, I can try it for fun and exercise.


Why Abandoned Fetuses Accelerate

Since time memorial, national news has been filled with stories of fetus and babies being dumped in toilets, trash bin, airports, sewers and elsewhere and more often than not, these unfortunate babies simply die while others were adopted by orphanage, private individuals and Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD). According to DSWD, there were 986 babies abandoned between January 2008 and February 2009. And, this number continues to pick up.

And in spite of this grim news, the number of abandoned fetuses continues to rise. So, I draw these possible causes why this issue remains and shall continue to persist:

  • School age with poor education on safe sex and parenthood;
  • Too many children;
  • Economic crisis;
  • Rape and/or sexual abuse;
  • Illness;
  • Social / parental pressure.

Forgive me with my opinion but if pregnancy is the least thing that a couple requires, then, at least, the couple should protect themselves, may it be through natural means or otherwise. With this persisting problem of child abandonment, it only shows how mediocre or ignorant we are in terms of safe sex. I can only hope that there will be no more cases of abandoned fetuses anymore.


Sunday, January 9, 2011

How to Make Your Trip Fun and Exciting

Summer is soon to come and what can be a smarter way to enjoy it but to drag friends and / or loved ones to a trip or two and just enjoy mother Earth's wonder.

I did travel at least twice by public bus traversing ten (10) cities in four (4) days and the non - stop and restricted travels made the trip all draining and boring.

Before my in - laws will have the family reunion, we shall drag again our old family van for two - day trip and wish we can mount our bikes on hitch bike racks and do longer city - stops for some rest and local tours before hitting the big home city.

So, to make your trip more fun and exciting, bring updated maps, check the food specialty of each place and their hot spots, and tag friends or loved ones to make the trip altogether lively and exciting. You shall reach your destination in no time.


Wedding Anniversaries and What They Mean

Wedding anniversary happens when couples celebrate the date of their wedding. And, different countries have their own way of giving gifts to spouses celebrating their wedding anniversaries. My in - laws will have to wed again on their 5oth or golden year this May.

Countries like Canada, Australia, Europe, USA and alike where their leaders give congratulatory messages to the couples when they reach their 5oth or so anniversaries.

This giving of gifts to mark the big dates may have originated from Medieval Germany where the wife received silver wreath on their 25th anniversary.

Some countries have different symbols to mark the date but most countries have stuck to the following symbols:

5th Wooden

10th Tin

15th Crystal

20th China

25th Silver

30th Pearl

40th Ruby

50th Golden

60th Diamond

To read the complete list for wedding anniversary traditions, click here.


How to Lose Weights After Pregnancy

My younger sister gave birth 11 days ago and since she had a normal birth from a lying - in center, she isn't bloated with IV fluids during labor. In fact, she receives comments that her figure is back in shape just after the delivery. Oftentimes, 2 - 3 weeks since delivery are enough to go back to your old weight but if this isn't the case, you can try these effective and practical means to lose after - pregnancy weights.

  • breastfeed - when you breastfeed, you burn 500 calories, thus, the longer you breastfeed, the faster you slim down;
  • take light - moderate exercise - pick out exercises like yoga or aerobics that suit you well and make these your regimen at least 3x a week.
  • take a healthy diet - avoid processed and fast food and other fattening food. Take more of water, vegetables, fruits and less of meat and other sweet goodies.

In no time, you are back to your sexy curves and hot looks!


Saturday, January 8, 2011

What - to - Buy Gadgets

New years mean new occasions of parties, reunions, gifts and alike. And, with these strings of special events, we can't help but wish for more stuffs like gadgets, jewelry, house, cars and more.

But, if you wish to buy new gadgets, then, you can only be practical through properly assessing what are really essential or not.

Your what - to - buy gadgets may include the following:

  • latest cellphone
  • handy and user -friendly digital cameras
  • latest game / music / movie / wifi - ready phone
  • durable notebook or netbook for mobile surfing and computing
  • high - end PSP or handy WII

This new year must be filled with fun and excitement and with ease and comfort from our personal gadgets, we can make each day less boring and draining.


Family Travels Again

This new year brings another strings of travels simply because we have our store to attend to and that our family from Wisconsin shall be heading home for a month or so of family vacation.

The fun thing about travel is the new taste and experience of culture, scenery, and people. We only hope that the travels will be all times safe and fun. I hope we have enough budget to realize all the trips otherwise we can just constrict them within Mindanao boundaries! LOL!


New Member of the Family

my new niece, Lexine Muie

Last December, my younger sibling gave birth to over 6 - pound baby girl and since we are not yet sure with the name, we let the name giving past a few days until LEXINE MUIE sold to us. hhahahhaha

We have three (3) broods of nephews and the new addition is simply a fun break! We are all excited to dressing her up!

We can't wait to finally play with her.