Wednesday, January 12, 2011

How to Increase Your Savings

In the recent Yahoo article, Top 5 Things You Should Never Pay For, it cited things that we normally buy and pay for and with the tips, it can actually help in saving a dime or two. So, you can stop paying for bottled water, cellphone, credit reports, grocery staples, boxes because with a little research and query, you can have all these for free.

Further, you can save too when you get a load of product samples, and product coupons. Don't overdo however because stacking much may mean bigger expense especially if you don't use what you have bought. Perhaps, you and your friend can split on the items and cost.

For short distances, skip your vehicle to save on gas. Walk instead to save on your car and to burn some sweat.

With technology, save on communication cost from using your cellphone or telephone as applications like Skype, Yahoomail, uLink among others can be used for video calling and SMS.

We may be saving only saving a few but when these dimes are accumulated over time, you may be surprised how much you have saved.



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