Sunday, January 9, 2011

How to Make Your Trip Fun and Exciting

Summer is soon to come and what can be a smarter way to enjoy it but to drag friends and / or loved ones to a trip or two and just enjoy mother Earth's wonder.

I did travel at least twice by public bus traversing ten (10) cities in four (4) days and the non - stop and restricted travels made the trip all draining and boring.

Before my in - laws will have the family reunion, we shall drag again our old family van for two - day trip and wish we can mount our bikes on hitch bike racks and do longer city - stops for some rest and local tours before hitting the big home city.

So, to make your trip more fun and exciting, bring updated maps, check the food specialty of each place and their hot spots, and tag friends or loved ones to make the trip altogether lively and exciting. You shall reach your destination in no time.



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