Monday, January 17, 2011

How to Take Care of Your Family's Uniforms

Laundry is never a fun nor an easy activity; in fact, most people hate laundry that they let professional laundry service providers handle the dirty job. But, when professional laundry service is not a practical option, you can only resort to doing your dirty work yourself.

So, when your family members like spouse, sibling or children wear regularly their school or office uniform including scrubs require us to do laundry, we wish we can have easy works on them.

But, you can have fast and right laundry if you know these smart tips:

  • read the after - care ticket of your shirts, socks, pants, uniforms including cotton scrubs or cotton scrub to make sure that their laundry and ironing shall go without disaster;
  • separate color - fading clothes from the others; you can test a portion of the garment to check whether they color fade.
  • wash clothes like scrub sets of the same color, material for similar washing technique.
  • wash promptly clothes with stains to contain further damage.
  • use clothes - friendly detergent and stain remover.



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