Thursday, January 20, 2011

Tips for Your Family to Avoid Carnapping

It has been in the national news the persisting and alarming cases of carnapping in the Philippines. And, the number continues to accelerate causing only more dread among the public. Thus, the Philippine National Police warns the driving public to be vigilant as various techniques are used to make carnapping possible.

Here are the most common strategies employed by carnappers:

  • intentionally collide with the marked vehicle forcing the driver to go out from his car;
  • a pedestrian pretends to be bumped on;
  • fake police personnel holds the car for inspection;
  • pretend buyer asks for a road test;
  • pretend passenger to carnap taxi's and other public vehicles.

With these possible strategies, PNP gives the following tips:
  • Lock your car when you have to leave;
  • Never leave valuable things inside your car;
  • Trust only credible buyers with due IDs



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