Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Tips to Attending a Newborn

My younger sibling just gave birth to a new baby girl and since she is the first girl among the grandchildren, we are only delighted to welcome the change.

My kid is now 8 years old and the feeling of attending a newborn seems remote to me. So, I decided to take a refresher’s course again to at least help my sibling. Here are the basics:

Attend to the cut umbilical cord with ethyl alcohol instead of isopropyl for moisture and less pain;

  • Record baby’s sleeping and feeding pattern, so, you can synchronize your own sleeping pattern.
  • Watch out for milestones according to the newborn’s age. If something seems wrong, feel free to discuss this with your baby’s pediatrician. A newborn screening must always be done to determine signs of dysfunction or abnormality.
  • Take due care on how your baby responds to his/her milk, diaper, soap and others since your baby may be allergic or uncomfortable with what you provide. What can work on other babies doesn’t always suit to other babies, so, be vigilant and responsive.
  • Take due care too when you place stuffs on your baby’s crib since crib deaths normally happen because of suffocation among others.
  • Allow growth boost like music, visual pattern toys, talks, and touches because your baby hears and feels your care and love and this shall boost mental and emotional growth.



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