Thursday, January 20, 2011

Tips to De-stress Your Day

A bad hair day can simply cause anxiety, anger, disappointment and stress that you wish you can just leave work, fire an employee, strangle someone, or drop dead drunk.

But, irregardless of the causes of stress, it shall be smart and helpful if we find ways to de - stress a bad time. I can only cite these effective and personally experienced strategies:

  • work - out in a gym or do outdoor exercise like jogging or swimming to clear your head and intense emotions;
  • have a social drinking or smoking macanudo cigars with a friend or two;
  • have a breathing exercise whenever you are all too stressed out;
  • taking a boxing or taekwando session just to release your anger;
  • dine with your close friend or loved one in an elegant and classy resto;
  • go out with girl or boy friends for a coffee break.



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