Friday, January 28, 2011

When Separation Anxiety Occurs in the Family

When my parents decided to relocate to our old home town to start a new venture after declared a lambasted failure from the furniture business, we can only be both hopeful but anxious to the lurking change.

They shall be bringing with them my youngest nephew while my youngest sister and other nephew shall live with us. While I am used to attending my kin, I can only express separation anxiety since the change will indeed affect everyone else at home.

Gone shall be the support system we get from our parents and the noise from our youngest bugger. Also, we shall be missing the usual family routines that we do: dining out and chit chats.

But, since the trip is scheduled and planned, at least, the anxiety slims down over time. We can only be hopeful that the transition serves everyone else better. Somehow, communication through SMS and phone calls can alleviate the anxiety.



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