Wednesday, January 12, 2011

When Special Children Needs Special Care

My kid and nephew last night had an assignment to describe their classmates. My kid described one girl classmate to be haughty, dirty, noisy, bully among others. And while we don’t wonder why such description overwhelms the girl, we can only remember the number of times my kid had to cry because of her mischief.

The girl had special disorder and while we are concerned with her condition, we don’t personally agree that she should be with the normal kids since she requires special attention.

Kids with special cases must be handled under a scientific program and guided with experts in the field. While the public can sympathize, the special children have different needs and care requirement that only the experts can provide. If these kids are left to their own, they risk being ridiculed, harmed and unguided.

We quite know that the school is well informed of the girl’s needs, so, we can just only hope something should be done this new school year.



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