Monday, January 17, 2011

When You Are the Head of the Family

Extended family in the Philippines is not an exclusive scenario. In fact, it is a typical family structure that can be dated generations after generations. This kind of filial connections can be attributed to the Filipino culture.

Thus, when parents are not able to fend for themselves, usually, the children do the living for the rest of the family and this include attending to younger siblings or fending after sibling's kids, parents' relatives and so on. While all these can be an illustration of kinship, it has its drawbacks too.

So, when you are the bread winner or the head of the family and you have a number of ward to attend to, you may be bleed to death from working a job or two. Nevertheless, when it brings you joy to take care of your family, then, pursuing a life for the family is not at all a burden.



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