Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Why a Good Number of Constituents Are Still Unemployed

Economists say that 2011 shall be more hopeful in terms of recession recovery while this seems to be true for affected areas like export, furniture, real estate, fashion and electronics, some fledgling commercial entities continue to struggle.

And, with this persisting grim economy, the Filipinos and the rest of the individuals worldwide remain unemployed.

While there are industries that are undeserved or fairly served, the number of applicants simply does not have or lack the skills to fill the job.

Further, there are too many applicants but with smaller demands. Take for instance, a number of Filipino nurses are unemployed and while there are jobs for them, they simply don’t qualify. Thus, we begin to question how their degrees are earned.

Unemployment is not a personal issue alone; in fact, it can be a part of a bigger concern : poor education, bad economy, and political leadership.



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