Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Why the Old Can’t Find a Job

Now that my younger sibling had given birth, she is now in dire need to look for a job while her husband goes to school. While they are well supported by families, I quite know that my sister would rather have her source of income.

So, just recently, she has been asking friends and other entities for a job. The thing when you are pass your youth, your opportunities for everything become slim too.

While this condition can be selective and country – based, in the Philippines, when you are married and/or past 25 years old, you can’t just find a job. You have to go through hurdles of tacks and pins to really get a decent position.

Thus, how does age affect performance? I guess employers think that they can’t teach old dogs new tricks, and the old are too prone to stagnation, sickness and procrastination. Plus, they are near to retirement that whatever trainings given, the return can be slim and brief.

I only pray that my sister shall indeed find a good job for her family’s sake.



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