Sunday, February 27, 2011

Family Zipliners

with sister hooking our zipline gears

For the second time, I had the chance to have rocket – adrenaline recreation, the zipline adventure. But, unlike my first attempt, I had to fly on superman stance over 800 meters of zipline cable suspended 2000 meters above sea – level. My eight – year – old kid had done his first attempt without fail, so, I could only muster my courage and proceeded with both anxiety and excitement.

Over that short zip experience, I could think of the risks that we had to face and I began to recall if we have a life insurance to cover death – defying recreations. If ever I shall meet any accident leading to handicap, I wish I can avail social security disability to help me.

After the entire zipline adventure, I asked my kid if we shall go for another zipline experience in the future, he could only grin, and said, “YES!”


Missing Our Little Bugger

It has been a week since we last saw our little nephew and while we love the peace at home, we quite miss his squeals, yells, laugh and movements.

My mom had to bring him with her and we sure experience separation anxiety. But, as soon as classes shall be off this summer, we shall see our little bugger again.


Filipinos Simply Love Korean / Taiwanese TV Series

the Taiwanese Meteor Garden phenomenon

In the old days, I never had the inkling for TV series, in fact, I found them dull, boring and simply out of my league. But, sometime in 2004, I was just too curious when my co - teachers and students would not stop mumbling about Meteor Garden. In fact, national news even covered the national mania over this Taiwanese opera. So, I patiently watched it and never stopped watching other Asian series.

But, the obsession for Taiwanese operas was surpassed by Korean series when series like Full House, Lovers in Paris, Princess Hours overwhelmed the national prime time tv slots. The last craze was Boys Over Flowers and Perfect Match.

I don't however watch all the Korean / Taiwanese series. So, with the right cast and story, I am simply hooked. The last few titles I have seen include It Started with a Kiss and They Kiss Again(Taiwanese), Coffee Prince (Korean), Mischievous Kiss (Korean), and He's Beautiful(Korean). I still have three (3) more titles to see: Mary Stayed Out Last Night(Korean), Baker King (Korean), and Autumn Concierto (Taiwanese).


Separation Anxiety: Our Family Struggle

It has been a few days since my mom and youngest nephew left for another province to start a furniture project. While we quite detest my mom’s loud shrills whenever she would reprimand my younger sister or nephew, we quite miss her noise and care. Further, our youngest bugger quite gives us some peace of mind from his constant playfulness.

Somehow, it helps us that we have SMS and Conference call to allow group chatting and talking. While the communication medium helps, we remain anxious but hopeful if the venture will really succeed.

As soon as classes shall be off, we shall be away to meet my mom and nephew and it shall be one sweet reunion for everyone.


Tips How to Attend to School Kids

When you are working, it is never easy to attend to houseworks, career, spouse and kids all at the same time. You will just go nuts, cranky, and grumpy.

But, one thing I learned from being workaholic, parent and spouse is just how I manage my time to do all the things I want to do.Since, I am busy with school as a teacher, entrepreneur, blogger, parent, writer, traveler among others, I just have to prioritize works that must be done first.

So, on weekends, we make sure that all the school uniforms and assignments are made and ready. Further, training the kids to do their own share of houseworks like keeping their toys or making their beds can make a difference. Planning ahead for the kids' meals for school days can make the cooking a lot easier. Further, if you have someone to pick up the kids or you have to do it yourself, it will help you a lot, if you can check on the kids' next day assignments, so, you can help do their homeworks. That way, you can attend to other stuffs once they are through.

Time management is crucial to keeping your sanity. But, while it is satisfying and fulfilling to attend to your family, it can get you down and under too. So, plan well and have fun while realizing your plan.


Would You Be a Cool Parent?

You Will Be a Cool Parent

You seem to naturally know a lot about parenting, and you know what kids need.

You can tell when it's time to let kids off the hook, and when it's time to lay down the law.

While your parenting is modern and hip, it's not over the top.

You know that there's nothing cool about a parent who acts like a teenager... or a drill sergeant!


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

How to Have the Best Wedding

One of the special occasions you can enjoy is your big wedding day and if you want it elegant and grand, you just have to plan it ahead and to plan it right.

I quite remember my own wedding day and most people say it was big, sweet and nice although behind the big smiles, we experienced downside or two making the occasion more memorable.
So, how do we exactly have the best wedding in spite of the meager budget? You can try these practical tips:
  • You can visit dress/tuxedo rental shops for you and / or your entourage and if you have sewing skills, you can create your own wedding gown too;
  • Go for quality, comfortable and chic wedding accessories and paraphernalia including cubic zirconia wedding rings to boost and be proud of;
  • Hire only the best photographer and videographer because you will love to go over your wedding pictures once the big day is consumed;
  • Ask a close friend or relative to be your wedding planner, so, you and your partner can attend to other stuffs;
  • Invite only the people you wish to have – close friends / kin to make the moment more solemn;
  • Show off a surprise presentation of you and your partner on how you two journey as sweethearts;
  • Join wedding fairs to know the business players for cakes, flowers, invitations and alike. These will help you compare prices and get the best deals.


How Many Kids Should You Have?

You Should Have Two Kids

You can definitely manage a small family, and having kids is one of your major goals.

That being said, having kids is not all you want to do. Two is a perfect number for you!

You want to make sure your children have the best upbringing possible, but you still want to live a balanced life.

Having two kids will leave you just enough time and money to do the things you want to do for yourself and your family.


Our Grown - Up Bugger

This is our little bugger and once in awhile we get to see her. We are quite amazed how she grows up so fast and oftentimes, we call her "DORA" for fun. But, I am pretty sure the name will cling on until she is old enough to argue with us.

I wonder when her christening will be; at least, we get to have a girl compared to the boys at home. LOL!


Family on Long Travel

It saddens my heart that my mom and nephew shall be leaving for a very long stay in my mom’s hometown and since the place is quite rural, they just have to travel by bus for 12 hours. We can only hope that their trip shall be safe and less inconvenient.

We hope to give them all sorts of vitamin to keep them protected against the regular weather shifts. Our home shall be quite lonely now that our three year old bugger shall be gone and more importantly, we shall miss the morning yells of my mom to wake us all. It shall be one big adjustment for us but we just have to endure.

But, as soon as we can, we shall travel to their place for a visit or two and we can only wish that their new venture can be more promising and productive.


SOCCSKSARGEN Experience (SEX) Tour for Bloggers Family

Since I joined Mindanao Bloggers Summit in 2008, I have been an active member of the Gensan bloggers group until SOCCSKSARGEN community was establish to include other bloggers in Region 12.

And, just like last year, the SEX Tour shall start this February 25 to 27 to experience the wonders of SARANGANI and General Santos City.

Here is the excerpt of the SEX Tour details from Bariles, one of the founders of SOCCSKSARGEN Bloggers:

You have been invited to the bigger, better, longer, juicier SEX TOUR Part Deux (Soccsksargen EXperience)!

As such, for three full days and nights from Feb 25 to 27, you will be visiting prime eco-tourism destinations and tasting a various sampling of South Central Mindanao's culinary treats.

What makes this year's SEX Tour more orgasmic is the participation of local government units' tourism offices in Maitum & Kiamba (both in Sarangani) and Koronadal & Lake Sebu (both in South Cot).

So expect activities like motorboating & snorkeling in a marine sanctuary, white water tubing in a river rapids, ziplining in GenSan and Lake Sebu, PICNICKING & swimming in a majestic falls, tasting seafood other than TUNA in a seafood plant, witnessing a streedance competition, doing yoga up in the mountains overlooking Sarangani Bay, dinner at the foot of Mt. Matutum, videokeing up to midnight, getting wet in a foam party with Itchyworms, enjoying front row seats in a concert with Paolo Santos & Luke Mejares, sensual massages (joke), enjoying a bridal fashion show and many more!

But then, all we need from your end are individual post-tour blog posts of each pit stop and each food sponsor. The continuation of this event next year hinges on your articles.

From time to time, we will be updating the ITINERARY which we all emailed to you and attached to the messages we sent here on FB.

Again, registration fee is P1,200 for our van transport expenses. You will have to shoulder your fare to and from GenSan, hotel accommodation and other incidental expenses like adventure rides fees, drinks during the night outs, etc.

HOWEVAH, if you need to include some other BLOGGER friends, please PM us and we will try to check if we still have slots for them.

So with this formal and final invitation, and your commitment to blog about our destinations, is our need for your final CONFIRMATION.


Daghang Salamat bloggers and ayo-ayo!

SEX Tour Dominatrix


Help Your Kids Learn to Talk Faster

Our nephew who is almost three (3) years old but he still babbles gibberish and my father could only complain because our 3 – year – old girl neighbor can speak fluently. Well, we can only say that since our little bugger is a boy, his speech development is slower than his girl counterpart.

But, if we want our kids to talk faster, we can help them by speaking to them clearly and fluently. We encourage them to read with us using basic words and visuals. And, with consistent speech and language patterns and motivation, our kids shall be talking non-stop and then you wish you can just turn their volumes off. LOL!


Anticipating Family Reunion

My in – laws shall soon be home for a very grand reunion and to celebrate our folks’ golden anniversary. My son is simply excited to see his grandparents because it will mean more toys and gifts for him.

Further, Filipino – German nephews will be quite happy to see their cousins and their folks but I bet they shall enjoy the constant sun and the regular indoor tanning lotion for natural - looking tan.

But, we are quite excited too because if we are lucky, we can have scheduled trip to Hong Kong or Bangkok for store shopping with my mother in-law to drag and to finance. We will just have to wait for a few months and it shall be happier days for everyone.


Wishing for a New Family Car

Our family Totoya LiteAce van had been with us since 2003 and once in a while it has its downsides only because we left it unattended when we relocated to another city. It has traveled across different cities from General Santos City to Zamboanga City and vice versa. But, since we don't have a good mechanic and electrician in our new place, the family van had endured and suffered from wrong repair. To this date, we just have to keep our family van at bay until we can have it repaired again.

Toyota Vios

photo source:

So, we quite wish that we can have a new family car that is compact in size and can endure long travels, durable and economically good. Toyota Vios seems fit and meets the need. We can only wish to have it soon but for now, we just have to pray for better business and efficient van repair.


Help Your Kids to Love Mathematics

Most kids hate mathematics because of its complexity and intricacies but I just love mathematics since I was young. In fact, I love it too much that I took computer science instead of taking healthcare or literature academic programs.

So, how can we help our kids love this most – hated subject, mathematics? You can try these easy tips:

  • Help your kids have easy ways to solve problems and/or mathematical equations. If you are still lost how to get these right, you can check out tips from various math experts online and you can simplify these before your kid;
  • Use real – life scenarios to make the concept more understandable. For instance, if the topic is on fractions, eating pizzas with your kid can be more fun, exciting and more importantly, more educational;
  • Use visual aids or computer technology to help learn the topics well. For instance, if the topic is about sets, you can use a video on marbles and alike. But, if high – end resources are not available, recycle whatever resource available at home. Not only that you enforce resourcefulness and creativity to your kid, you will also make your kid appreciate your efforts and time inspiring him more.

Mathematics is indeed a difficult subject but with a little help from us or from other tutors with visual aids or other learning tools, our kids can just find this subject more fun and exciting.


Sunday, February 20, 2011

Wanting Our New Place

We have been living with our parents for three (3) years now and while I want that my kid grows up with other family members to guide him, we somehow experience setbacks from bloating family expenses and privacy among others.

We initially started our own house just within the family lot but resources also compelled us to stall the construction for a few years.

Now that we have our business going and running, we wish to have our own place to make sure that we can just travel to and fro with ease and convenience. I heard there are real estate builders that offer housing programs at reasonable rates bundled with interesting new homeowners insurance to boost.

Perhaps, if business can really be well, we can get our own place and start fresh. We just have to find a place within the vicinity of my parents’ house, so, we can jut visit them anytime we want.


Teach Your Kid How to Save

photo source:

Most of the success stories of entrepreneurs stress that values like integrity and hard work are oftentimes instilled among siblings and youngsters. And, normally, they grow up taking care of their business or properties more than ordinary individuals.

How do we actually instill simple economics with our kids? Normally, I show and tell stories of other kids and who have to struggle just to earn a living. And, living in a city where street kids come abound, my kid can just affirm struggling childhood of other kids. Thus, he get to value his food, his education and other privileges he gets.

And, since we don’t want him to grow spoiled with everything else he desires, we let him pick his toy through earning his pay from light works in our store or from his savings from piggy banks. Teaching kids about hard work before acquiring anything can make the kids appreciate what they have and with that they learn to take care of their stuffs and strive more to earn what they need and desire.


Lose Weights with Family

with loved ones in one morning

I decided to sustain my morning jogs every other day and consistently every weekend and whenever I can, I drag my kid with us, so, he will get used to exercising and finally, losing extra weights.

My husband and kids are overweight for their age and height, and, too bad, they quite share the same eating habits and lifestyle.

Good thing though that his pop is into airsoft games, roller blades and basketball, so, the little bugger gets the inkling for outdoor sports too.

When you exercise with loved ones, the whole exercise becomes more fun and worthwhile. Experts say that exercise is not just good in keeping the heart healthy, or boosting confidence but it can be a good prevention against mental disorders too. With all the medical and psychological benefits of exercise, one can only both endure and enjoy it – best if with your family.


Saturday, February 19, 2011

Family Beauty Regimen

Normally, my sisters and I head to beauty salons to get our hair and nails done. And, whenever we can, we go straight to facial spa centers for face pampering.

I can only envy our younger sister because not only that she still has the young skin but also she gets to enjoy beauty products to reduce aging. Lucky too that she works in highly urbanized place that beauty and other hygiene products come handy.

For others, they can simply check online particularly for product reviews and sale.

If you are lucky, you can make your own beauty products like aloe vera extracts for skin moisturizer or coconut milk for hair spa to save parlor trips and costly salon services.


Family Valentine's Day Gift

my new iPod Touch for Valentine's

I have been wanting to have my new phone to replace my bugging Oxygen touchscreen phone and what other option can I think of other than have an iPhone where entertainment and mobile features are bundled to one.

However, I am equally excited and surprised when I received my new iPod Touch from my husband just few days before Valentine's Day and I can only enjoy it albeit I still have to have a new phone. Perhaps, in my upcoming birthday, a new phone can be anticipated. I can only keep my fingers crossed! LOL!


The Pros and Cons of Family Business

Kreativ Boutique

a family boutique business at Gaisano, Gensan City

There are a number of family business like MLhuillier Group of Companies that prevail in the Philippines where strong family ties as cultural value exists. And, it not at all extraordinary that family business continue to mushroom across the country.

Running a family business is easy and convenient because owner / managers can openly discuss how to run the business and if there are differences, these can be resolved immediately. Most of all, decision making is faster when you share management with family members. Further, you can gather resources without having to worry about collaterals or loan interests.

However, running a family business can have its downsides too. For one, business issues can become personal issues that business - related conflicts may cause rift among relatives. Thus, it is important that before the business really starts, a clear management structure and policies should be defined to avoid or reduce decision and management conflicts.

But, above all else, a family business can further strengthen family ties and make business more fun and exciting.


Sunday, February 13, 2011

Family Reunion Soon

In few months, the entire family from Wisconsin shall be coming home to Philippines to celebrate my parent in - laws' golden anniversary. And, we can only be more excited since we shall be holding a wedding for them. Of course, the entire family shall be very busy since we shall prepare the program, celebration and all.

It was three years ago that we last saw them; good thing, we can contact them through cellphone, emails and chats. We can only enjoy going through pictures of them including their fun time with ariens snowblower and fruit picking.

Next month, my husband shall be going home to schedule the church wedding and to attend to other details.

We can only be very excited to have them and come May, it shall be one grand reunion.


Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Your Loved Ones myspace graphic comments
Twitter Layouts

February 14 is a special day worldwide as we celebrate Valentine’s Day. And, there is no other special day than this Love Day to celebrate love and life with dear loved ones: family, friends, partners.

And, if you are scarce with gift ideas, you can try the following gift blasts:

  • Balloons with special prints of happy memories with loved ones;
  • Special flowers sent unexpectedly to their workplaces;
  • New MP3 / iPod and alike with an audio recorded with sweet nothings ( you can do the same thing with cameras)
  • Chocolates specially cut that spells words of love;
  • Magic mug or plate and alike that reveal the magic words or images of love;
  • A long – sought stuff (e.g.) wrapped in a bun or submerged in a drink; and more
The thing with love is you can be foolish and innovative in giving out gifts. And, the memory of gift giving becomes extra special if you wrap your gift with a sweet surprise.


How to Maximize Home Spaces

It may be an insignificant issue if the house is just too big for everyone and everything else but when you only have a small area to deal with, space and furniture and fixtures can be a big problem to hurdle through.

And, we are only lucky because a lot of commercial furniture/fixtures are sure to save space. So, you can try these few space savers:

  1. Double / triple – deck beds instead of the typical sleep – on;
  2. Bed – chair combo;
  3. Bed – library combo;
  4. Cabinet – table;
  5. and more!!!!

Here is one video I found from Youtube and you can get a smart idea.


Wanting Family Valentine's Celebration

Since we live temporarily with my parents and my younger siblings, we practically do together and for three years, we celebrate birthdays and other occasions as one big family.

With all the fun we have together, we can't simply live without our digital cameras with us. We are quite lucky that the cameras are just handy along with reliable aa rechargeable batteries that can last for hours.

And, since it shall be Valentine's Day very soon, we just want our celebration to be fun and memorable. I just have to scout for the best place that offers good food, music and atmosphere.

Nothing indeed beats any celebration other than spend it with loved ones.


How to Avoid Obesity among Your Kids

My kid is around 45 kilograms and he is just 8 years and he is indeed overweight for his age. Now, we have to force him to go slow on his food and juice intake along with his immobility.
An expert suggested that to avoid obesity is to stop providing opportunities when kids can freely eat and just sit for hours.

So, to prevent and address obesity, as parents, we can do the following:

  • Don’t allow free access to food supply;
  • Have measured meals at regular time;
  • Encourage outdoor and indoor games that will allow walking or running;
  • Encourage frequent intake of water instead of flavored drinks;
  • Be a role model in everything: diet, lifestyle, hobbies;


Family Business on Closure

It saddens the entire family that our over - decade of furniture business shall be officially over in General Santos City. And, with that my mom is only compelled to relocate somewhere else to continue her passion for furniture.

So, come March, we shall send my parents and nephew off to another province and we can only wish them well. Perhaps, if we can visit our hometown we can stop by at my parents’ new place.
We may have hard time coping with their absence but somehow that will make my mom less sad.


Thursday, February 3, 2011

Make a Good Home

There is indeed no exact formula to have a happy home but parents and individuals can learn from the success and failure stories of other families and make sure that their learning is indeed for the great benefit of the entire family.

But, it shall be quite comfy to have a house filled with the right essentials including bath vanity that everyone can enjoy. And, with all the basic needs addressed, a family can only enjoy the care and love for one another and when they play and stay together, literally or not, with love in the air, I say, they have created a good home.

Making a good home is not simply an out - of - the - box procedure, but, with the right chemistry and good set of culture, a home is something to look forward to.


Mom on Travel Again

I shall be away for a few days and I am only grateful since classes are on hold to give way to extra – curricular activities. Somehow, my advance make – up classes paid off to compensate for the one day absence this Monday.

My kid would love to join me for the short trip but then we can have a long trip sometime in the last quarter to scout for stocks in time for holiday season.

Since the start of our boutique, I have been traveling at least a month to replenish stocks. I am only more relieved that my kid is left at home with reliable guardians.


How to Have Fun Retirement

In the Philippines, the elders reap the Senior Citizen benefits and privileges when they reach 60 years old. And base on their employment history, they get to have various pensions and insurances once they hit 60. Unfortunately though, only 1 out of 10 elders get to enjoy anxiety – free retirement where the elders have enough savings and retirement fund to fend for themselves. Most elders however become a burden to their family.

Thus, while younger and able to work, we can only be smarter if we think of our retirement plans. And, since we don’t want to burden our families to attend to our basic needs, health and care, retirement packages and insurances can come handy. Perhaps, with a small amount to pay for retirement, we can have a fun and anxiety – free future.