Sunday, February 27, 2011

Family Zipliners

with sister hooking our zipline gears

For the second time, I had the chance to have rocket – adrenaline recreation, the zipline adventure. But, unlike my first attempt, I had to fly on superman stance over 800 meters of zipline cable suspended 2000 meters above sea – level. My eight – year – old kid had done his first attempt without fail, so, I could only muster my courage and proceeded with both anxiety and excitement.

Over that short zip experience, I could think of the risks that we had to face and I began to recall if we have a life insurance to cover death – defying recreations. If ever I shall meet any accident leading to handicap, I wish I can avail social security disability to help me.

After the entire zipline adventure, I asked my kid if we shall go for another zipline experience in the future, he could only grin, and said, “YES!”



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