Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Help Your Kids to Love Mathematics

Most kids hate mathematics because of its complexity and intricacies but I just love mathematics since I was young. In fact, I love it too much that I took computer science instead of taking healthcare or literature academic programs.

So, how can we help our kids love this most – hated subject, mathematics? You can try these easy tips:

  • Help your kids have easy ways to solve problems and/or mathematical equations. If you are still lost how to get these right, you can check out tips from various math experts online and you can simplify these before your kid;
  • Use real – life scenarios to make the concept more understandable. For instance, if the topic is on fractions, eating pizzas with your kid can be more fun, exciting and more importantly, more educational;
  • Use visual aids or computer technology to help learn the topics well. For instance, if the topic is about sets, you can use a video on marbles and alike. But, if high – end resources are not available, recycle whatever resource available at home. Not only that you enforce resourcefulness and creativity to your kid, you will also make your kid appreciate your efforts and time inspiring him more.

Mathematics is indeed a difficult subject but with a little help from us or from other tutors with visual aids or other learning tools, our kids can just find this subject more fun and exciting.



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