Tuesday, February 22, 2011

How to Have the Best Wedding

One of the special occasions you can enjoy is your big wedding day and if you want it elegant and grand, you just have to plan it ahead and to plan it right.

I quite remember my own wedding day and most people say it was big, sweet and nice although behind the big smiles, we experienced downside or two making the occasion more memorable.
So, how do we exactly have the best wedding in spite of the meager budget? You can try these practical tips:
  • You can visit dress/tuxedo rental shops for you and / or your entourage and if you have sewing skills, you can create your own wedding gown too;
  • Go for quality, comfortable and chic wedding accessories and paraphernalia including cubic zirconia wedding rings to boost and be proud of;
  • Hire only the best photographer and videographer because you will love to go over your wedding pictures once the big day is consumed;
  • Ask a close friend or relative to be your wedding planner, so, you and your partner can attend to other stuffs;
  • Invite only the people you wish to have – close friends / kin to make the moment more solemn;
  • Show off a surprise presentation of you and your partner on how you two journey as sweethearts;
  • Join wedding fairs to know the business players for cakes, flowers, invitations and alike. These will help you compare prices and get the best deals.



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