Sunday, February 20, 2011

Lose Weights with Family

with loved ones in one morning

I decided to sustain my morning jogs every other day and consistently every weekend and whenever I can, I drag my kid with us, so, he will get used to exercising and finally, losing extra weights.

My husband and kids are overweight for their age and height, and, too bad, they quite share the same eating habits and lifestyle.

Good thing though that his pop is into airsoft games, roller blades and basketball, so, the little bugger gets the inkling for outdoor sports too.

When you exercise with loved ones, the whole exercise becomes more fun and worthwhile. Experts say that exercise is not just good in keeping the heart healthy, or boosting confidence but it can be a good prevention against mental disorders too. With all the medical and psychological benefits of exercise, one can only both endure and enjoy it – best if with your family.



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