Sunday, February 20, 2011

Teach Your Kid How to Save

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Most of the success stories of entrepreneurs stress that values like integrity and hard work are oftentimes instilled among siblings and youngsters. And, normally, they grow up taking care of their business or properties more than ordinary individuals.

How do we actually instill simple economics with our kids? Normally, I show and tell stories of other kids and who have to struggle just to earn a living. And, living in a city where street kids come abound, my kid can just affirm struggling childhood of other kids. Thus, he get to value his food, his education and other privileges he gets.

And, since we don’t want him to grow spoiled with everything else he desires, we let him pick his toy through earning his pay from light works in our store or from his savings from piggy banks. Teaching kids about hard work before acquiring anything can make the kids appreciate what they have and with that they learn to take care of their stuffs and strive more to earn what they need and desire.



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