Sunday, February 27, 2011

Tips How to Attend to School Kids

When you are working, it is never easy to attend to houseworks, career, spouse and kids all at the same time. You will just go nuts, cranky, and grumpy.

But, one thing I learned from being workaholic, parent and spouse is just how I manage my time to do all the things I want to do.Since, I am busy with school as a teacher, entrepreneur, blogger, parent, writer, traveler among others, I just have to prioritize works that must be done first.

So, on weekends, we make sure that all the school uniforms and assignments are made and ready. Further, training the kids to do their own share of houseworks like keeping their toys or making their beds can make a difference. Planning ahead for the kids' meals for school days can make the cooking a lot easier. Further, if you have someone to pick up the kids or you have to do it yourself, it will help you a lot, if you can check on the kids' next day assignments, so, you can help do their homeworks. That way, you can attend to other stuffs once they are through.

Time management is crucial to keeping your sanity. But, while it is satisfying and fulfilling to attend to your family, it can get you down and under too. So, plan well and have fun while realizing your plan.



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