Sunday, February 20, 2011

Wanting Our New Place

We have been living with our parents for three (3) years now and while I want that my kid grows up with other family members to guide him, we somehow experience setbacks from bloating family expenses and privacy among others.

We initially started our own house just within the family lot but resources also compelled us to stall the construction for a few years.

Now that we have our business going and running, we wish to have our own place to make sure that we can just travel to and fro with ease and convenience. I heard there are real estate builders that offer housing programs at reasonable rates bundled with interesting new homeowners insurance to boost.

Perhaps, if business can really be well, we can get our own place and start fresh. We just have to find a place within the vicinity of my parents’ house, so, we can jut visit them anytime we want.



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