Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Wishing for a New Family Car

Our family Totoya LiteAce van had been with us since 2003 and once in a while it has its downsides only because we left it unattended when we relocated to another city. It has traveled across different cities from General Santos City to Zamboanga City and vice versa. But, since we don't have a good mechanic and electrician in our new place, the family van had endured and suffered from wrong repair. To this date, we just have to keep our family van at bay until we can have it repaired again.

Toyota Vios

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So, we quite wish that we can have a new family car that is compact in size and can endure long travels, durable and economically good. Toyota Vios seems fit and meets the need. We can only wish to have it soon but for now, we just have to pray for better business and efficient van repair.



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