Thursday, March 31, 2011

Family on Oil Strike and More

The entire Filipinos and the rest of the countries worldwide can quite endure the oil crisis that has been crippling the global economy since most Middle East countries experience civil wars limiting the supply of oil.

With unemployment in the country and oil price hikes together with other basic commodities, the constituents can only tighten their belt and spend within their means. It is only a relief that we can enjoy easy personal loan to meet our needs.

After economic recession, we can only pick up the pieces and hope that the economy gets better.


Strings of Family Illness

Since we headed to attend a wedding of my students, we had been enduring different illnesses to include UTI, measles, flu and still counting. We can only blame the weather shifts from rain and sun.

My kid had to lose so much weights after he had been diagnosed of UTI, and been vomiting for days. So, after I cured my UTI, his daddy had to endure measles and my younger sibling had to acquire measles too.

Now, I can barely move a muscle as I experience what seems to arthritis. I only experienced relief after going through a full body massage and a few medicines.

We can only wish that we all get well soon and just enjoy the summer vacation until it lasts.


Family Recreation: Mountain Climbing

family on climb and zipline

family on community reach - out to Mt Matutum

We have been enjoying mountain climbing, and swimming among others but it is more consoling to do out - reach services to depressed areas and doing what we love most.

The last climb we had was the zipline experience we had on Mt. Olympog that we had to walk a few meters uphill to reach the drop point. And, my 8 - year old kid can only enjoy the climb and experience the thrill. So, as soon as our family from US shall have their summer vacation, we can all enjoy the climb, zipline and beach again.


Friday, March 25, 2011

Family Businesses Thrive

In a close - knit country like the Philippines, a family business is quite natural that it mushrooms without fail. The Chinese heavily influence the Filipino culture, and, with intermarriages and imminent success of Chinese families in business, it is not surprising that the locals take wisdom from these foreign entrepreneurs and start their own ventures too.

So, successful family business like the Aboitiz' freight services, SM's strings of malls, Lhuillier's pawnshops to name a few are household names that every local knows. Families venture on food, services, buy and sell of apparel, technology,  are among the common industries tapped by most entrepreneur families.

In spite of the economic recession, businesses continue to thrive while others simply fail. But, for family business where politics is less seen, it endures the recession with pride and dignity.


Family Trip Soon

Come April, we shall head to Zamboanga City for a few days while the rest of the family shall stay for over a month. So, I plan to meet old friends and see some relative and to maximize fully my stay, I shall try to scout for stuffs I can sell in our boutique.

Somehow, the break shall be a relief from school and business, and shall be enough to get recharged. I hope things can get better this summer and I can only wish that I can go back to school too.

For now, I just have to finish all my school works and delegate business works to the store attendants and my sister, so, the trip can be fully maximized.

friends and cousins in Zamboanga


Fun Family Time with Old Students' Wedding

with my former students, the newlyweds

Last March 14, my family and I went to join the beach wedding of my former students and I could only be surprised since the bride was my student in Zamboanga City and the groom was my former student in General Santos City. And, how they managed to meet in Qatar, only their love tale can clearly say.

So, we managed to drive through the rain for almost two hours and we came in late although the wedding went well in spite of the lurking rain. The beach - inspired ceremony was quite touching with the personal vows made by the newlyweds and their messages to their respective parents. And, since it was an untraditional wedding, the ceremony was brief but sincere and romantic. It ended with the couple's first kiss beneath the tapestry of fireworks.

My husband took their pictures while my kid just had to endure waiting for his time to splurge the cool and bright waters of Glan, Sarangani.

We ended with cool sea breeze and a stay in an open cottage. We might be quite uncomfortable with the open cottage stay, but, the travel and visit with my old students became more worthwhile.


Sunday, March 6, 2011

Back to Family Jogging

jogging with sister and kid

It has been weeks since I religiously follow my jogging regimen every other day and during weekends. And, since I want my family to be healthy and fit too, I normally drag them with me. My kid and other family members do their inline blades and brisk walkings respectively.

So, around six (6) am on no - school days and during weekends, I just have to drag myself and be on running shoes. I manage to run 4 - 5 turns on their entire parking lots and then, head home to attend to my kid.

Since 2008, I do my on and off joggings and only my sneakers can tell the long years of use. I wish I can have new Converse All Stars to replace my old dilapidated sneakers, and, my joggings shall be more convenient and fun.

And, as soon as our family van gets repaired, we shall bring our chow - chow dog to exercise with us. For now, we can only settle for occasional exercise but once summer kicks in, we shall be on the running tracks everyday.


Practical Tips for Weight Management

In my previous post, I dragged myself and kid to Nestle’s Wellness Kiosk to check briefly on our nutritional health.

Not only that we had our vitals known, we had some tips to keeping our weights down and to keeping a healthy diet.

So, let me share the following tips from Nestle’s Wellness Corner:
  • Eat out less. You tend to eat more when eating out due to big food portions.
  • Do not skip meals especially breakfast. When you skip meals, you tend to eat more to compensate your hunger.
  • Eat whole grains and cereals. These are high in fiber. Fiber makes you feel fuller longer.
  • Enjoy fresh fruits with skin rather than fruit juice. Fresh fruits with skin have more fiber. In addition, most nutrients are usually found in the skin of fruits.
  • Control what triggers or stimulates you to eat even when you are not hungry.
  • Drink adequate water everyday. Water hydrates with no calories, and may help your prevent hunger pangs as most people recognize thirst as hunger.
  • Read food labels all the time. There could be some hidden fats and sugars in food that increases calories of food eaten.
  • Avoid fried, fatty, salty and sweet food.
  • Keep a food, exercise and body weight journal. Take note of extra food intake, inactive lifestyle and drastic weight change.
  • Aside from live microorganisms for digestive health, yogurt is also a source of calcium.

And, over and above all these, keep everything in moderation, variety and balance.
To check for more wellness tips and know more about nutrition, visit Nestle’s site,


New Zipline Adventure for the Entire Family

with SOX Bloggers on Fifth Mountain of B'Lakayo in General Santos City on
foggy mountain peak overlooking Sarangani Bay
photos courtesy of Cids

Since 2010, the SOCCSKSARGEN Bloggers hold the eco – adventure / food – appreciation tour otherwise known as SOCCSKSARGEN Experience (SEX) to promote tourism and local business players. So, on the first day of the 3 – day SEX Tour, the bloggers from Manila, Davao, Koronadal, and General Santos City had the chance to try water tubing, diving, and local delicacies. Since, we had business and school works, we had to miss the daytime fun and just met the group during the Street Party along Al Fresco, Robinson’s Place.

But, the second day was more fun for us because we managed to tag along for zipline rides in General Santos’ newest zipline park. So, the long ride was all worthwhile when we reached the base and see the magnificence of Sarangani and General Santos City.

with Koronadal and Davao Bloggers at Fifth Mountain's Resto Pad

At, 10 am when the sun was all up and hot, the Zipline park, Fifth Mountain of B’lakayo stood proud with its three - zipline posts. We had our sumptuous breakfast and morning yoga to start the day right. And finally, we had our fun rides on 700m and 400m cables but had to miss the highly extreme third cable because of its super fast speed.

We were however all surprised to see my 8 – year old kid did his zipline stint alone and ahead of his parents. I could only get worried but the staff and the zipline facility of Fifth Mountain were definitely capable and safe, so, we could only hold our breaths and cheer for the young one.

my 8 - year old kid on his first zipline ride over 700 meter cable

We sure had fun from the rides and with a minimal fee of PHP 250.00 for the 700m and 400m, the trip was simply great and awesome. And, if you want all - day ride, with PHP 750.00, you had unlimited rides until you drop dead (figuratively, though). But, this newest recreational pad does not stop from taking our breaths away because they still plan to provide cable ride services for another taste of fun. And, if you wish to stay over the night, they can arrange your sleeping setups, too!

If you are a SOCCSKSARGEN local or simply passing through, go check FIFTH MOUNTAIN of B’LAKAYO and have the super fun zipline experience. You can check them out too in Facebook! Experience the thrill and fun at 2000 meters above sea level and you know your zipline experience is just superb!


When the World Celebrates Mother's Day

Most countries celebrate in motherhood and mothering commonly in the months of March, April or May. And, while there are different traditions and historical beginnings for the big day for moms, the epitome for the occasion is to honor our dear mothers for giving us life and for taking care of us among others.

In the Philippines, we celebrate Mother's Day during second Sunday of May and just like any Mother's Day worldwide, the day is simply filled with flower and gifts giving, long distance calls, dinners with all the trimmings just to affirm how special being moms and our very own mothers.

Good thing, we can get gift ideas too online, and for flowers, just click here and you will sure make your mom extra happy.


Health Check for Us and Everyone

We were doing our weekend groceries at Robinson’s Gensan when just around the cashier’s counter, we saw this Nestle’s Wellness Check and Advisory. So, out of curiosity, I had my kid checked; his vitals say:

Height : 4’5”

Actual Weight – 48 kg

Desirable Weight – 24 kg

Desirable body weight range 21 – 58kg

Lifestyle Disease Risk Assessment: NORMAL – but must reduce weight and encourage active lifestyle

The nutritionist asked him to eat healthy foods and limit fat and sweet intake including ice cream. My kid, however, literally said he wanted ice cream for his weight maintenance. Some innocent logic, eh!!!!

So, after my kid’s assessment, I had my chance, and the health details say:

Height : 5’2” ( although I am for longer years, know that I stand 5’4”)

Actual Weight – 54 kg

Desirable Weight – 51 kg

Desirable body weight range 46 – 58kg

Lifestyle Disease Risk Assessment: NORMAL

I wish to have my weights only at 50kg or less but I guess eating sweets does not help at all. I am only happier though that I am able to sustain my jogging every other day.

Somehow, Nestle’s Wellness Kiosk appeals to consumers more because of their social responsibility to keeping their consumers healthy. So, when you see a Nestle’s Wellness Kiosk, go check your nutritional risk status for FREE.


Sibling on Vacation

with siblings and cousins in December 2010

We are quite happier at home because our younger sibling came home for a very short visit. The kids were even excited to see my sister because it could mean toy gifts for them. Unfortunately, they saw her empty handed, so, I can only imagine the disappointment of the youngsters.

Our younger sibling works in remote city and while we are all used to her distance, somehow, it delights us to see her every now and then. We are only sad though because our mom has to miss her since she moved out to start another furniture venture elsewhere.

For my sister’s three – day visit, we could only wander around malls and dine together whenever possible. I am pretty sure that while her stay is brief, she is equally happy to see us.