Sunday, March 6, 2011

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jogging with sister and kid

It has been weeks since I religiously follow my jogging regimen every other day and during weekends. And, since I want my family to be healthy and fit too, I normally drag them with me. My kid and other family members do their inline blades and brisk walkings respectively.

So, around six (6) am on no - school days and during weekends, I just have to drag myself and be on running shoes. I manage to run 4 - 5 turns on their entire parking lots and then, head home to attend to my kid.

Since 2008, I do my on and off joggings and only my sneakers can tell the long years of use. I wish I can have new Converse All Stars to replace my old dilapidated sneakers, and, my joggings shall be more convenient and fun.

And, as soon as our family van gets repaired, we shall bring our chow - chow dog to exercise with us. For now, we can only settle for occasional exercise but once summer kicks in, we shall be on the running tracks everyday.



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