Friday, March 25, 2011

Family Businesses Thrive

In a close - knit country like the Philippines, a family business is quite natural that it mushrooms without fail. The Chinese heavily influence the Filipino culture, and, with intermarriages and imminent success of Chinese families in business, it is not surprising that the locals take wisdom from these foreign entrepreneurs and start their own ventures too.

So, successful family business like the Aboitiz' freight services, SM's strings of malls, Lhuillier's pawnshops to name a few are household names that every local knows. Families venture on food, services, buy and sell of apparel, technology,  are among the common industries tapped by most entrepreneur families.

In spite of the economic recession, businesses continue to thrive while others simply fail. But, for family business where politics is less seen, it endures the recession with pride and dignity.



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