Friday, March 25, 2011

Fun Family Time with Old Students' Wedding

with my former students, the newlyweds

Last March 14, my family and I went to join the beach wedding of my former students and I could only be surprised since the bride was my student in Zamboanga City and the groom was my former student in General Santos City. And, how they managed to meet in Qatar, only their love tale can clearly say.

So, we managed to drive through the rain for almost two hours and we came in late although the wedding went well in spite of the lurking rain. The beach - inspired ceremony was quite touching with the personal vows made by the newlyweds and their messages to their respective parents. And, since it was an untraditional wedding, the ceremony was brief but sincere and romantic. It ended with the couple's first kiss beneath the tapestry of fireworks.

My husband took their pictures while my kid just had to endure waiting for his time to splurge the cool and bright waters of Glan, Sarangani.

We ended with cool sea breeze and a stay in an open cottage. We might be quite uncomfortable with the open cottage stay, but, the travel and visit with my old students became more worthwhile.



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