Sunday, March 6, 2011

Health Check for Us and Everyone

We were doing our weekend groceries at Robinson’s Gensan when just around the cashier’s counter, we saw this Nestle’s Wellness Check and Advisory. So, out of curiosity, I had my kid checked; his vitals say:

Height : 4’5”

Actual Weight – 48 kg

Desirable Weight – 24 kg

Desirable body weight range 21 – 58kg

Lifestyle Disease Risk Assessment: NORMAL – but must reduce weight and encourage active lifestyle

The nutritionist asked him to eat healthy foods and limit fat and sweet intake including ice cream. My kid, however, literally said he wanted ice cream for his weight maintenance. Some innocent logic, eh!!!!

So, after my kid’s assessment, I had my chance, and the health details say:

Height : 5’2” ( although I am for longer years, know that I stand 5’4”)

Actual Weight – 54 kg

Desirable Weight – 51 kg

Desirable body weight range 46 – 58kg

Lifestyle Disease Risk Assessment: NORMAL

I wish to have my weights only at 50kg or less but I guess eating sweets does not help at all. I am only happier though that I am able to sustain my jogging every other day.

Somehow, Nestle’s Wellness Kiosk appeals to consumers more because of their social responsibility to keeping their consumers healthy. So, when you see a Nestle’s Wellness Kiosk, go check your nutritional risk status for FREE.



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