Sunday, March 6, 2011

New Zipline Adventure for the Entire Family

with SOX Bloggers on Fifth Mountain of B'Lakayo in General Santos City on
foggy mountain peak overlooking Sarangani Bay
photos courtesy of Cids

Since 2010, the SOCCSKSARGEN Bloggers hold the eco – adventure / food – appreciation tour otherwise known as SOCCSKSARGEN Experience (SEX) to promote tourism and local business players. So, on the first day of the 3 – day SEX Tour, the bloggers from Manila, Davao, Koronadal, and General Santos City had the chance to try water tubing, diving, and local delicacies. Since, we had business and school works, we had to miss the daytime fun and just met the group during the Street Party along Al Fresco, Robinson’s Place.

But, the second day was more fun for us because we managed to tag along for zipline rides in General Santos’ newest zipline park. So, the long ride was all worthwhile when we reached the base and see the magnificence of Sarangani and General Santos City.

with Koronadal and Davao Bloggers at Fifth Mountain's Resto Pad

At, 10 am when the sun was all up and hot, the Zipline park, Fifth Mountain of B’lakayo stood proud with its three - zipline posts. We had our sumptuous breakfast and morning yoga to start the day right. And finally, we had our fun rides on 700m and 400m cables but had to miss the highly extreme third cable because of its super fast speed.

We were however all surprised to see my 8 – year old kid did his zipline stint alone and ahead of his parents. I could only get worried but the staff and the zipline facility of Fifth Mountain were definitely capable and safe, so, we could only hold our breaths and cheer for the young one.

my 8 - year old kid on his first zipline ride over 700 meter cable

We sure had fun from the rides and with a minimal fee of PHP 250.00 for the 700m and 400m, the trip was simply great and awesome. And, if you want all - day ride, with PHP 750.00, you had unlimited rides until you drop dead (figuratively, though). But, this newest recreational pad does not stop from taking our breaths away because they still plan to provide cable ride services for another taste of fun. And, if you wish to stay over the night, they can arrange your sleeping setups, too!

If you are a SOCCSKSARGEN local or simply passing through, go check FIFTH MOUNTAIN of B’LAKAYO and have the super fun zipline experience. You can check them out too in Facebook! Experience the thrill and fun at 2000 meters above sea level and you know your zipline experience is just superb!



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