Thursday, April 28, 2011

Remedies for Hair Loss

My husband has receding hair and almost half of his head is hairless and he can only blame his family genes for the grim eventuality.

Experts say that there are different causes for hair loss and they are as follows:

  • stress
  • injury
  • hormones
  • some medicines (e.g. medicines for gout, heart problems)
  • fungal infections
  • other underlying illness like diabetes

But, hair loss can be remedied through home alternatives like aloe vera, saw palmetto or yucca. Most people experiencing hair loss would rather see fast results, thus, commercially - available hair loss products can be tried and put to test and action.

Whatever is the treatment chosen for hair loss, it is quite important that we seek medical advice as to the safety and effectiveness of the treatment.


Family on Grand Reunion

We are now looking forward to seeing my partner's family and come June, the old home shall be filled with noise and fun from everyone else.

Since I have my kid and husband waiting already, I just have to finish my summer teaching job and head straight to wait for their coming.

This year's vacation is quite special as we hold the golden anniversary of our parents. It is, however, a sad thought that we shall be missing other family members since they have their other affairs that they can't join the vacation and the grand wedding day.

So, for now, we can just keep in touch through net and call.


Home Improvements, Anyone?

My architecture - graduate husband says ideal years to renovate is every 5 - 7 years and I can only comprehend the logic behind this. Because, for one, it is never cheap to renovate a room or the entire house for that matter.

So, when budget is restrained, it can be smarter to identify only the priority areas that need to be addressed first, like, if the roof leaks or when the floor or post cracks. When priority needs like surface raceway are identified, we get the best maker or supplier in town or in the net to do the works.

Home improvement requires partnership with the technical guys, designers or constructors, so, to make sure that your needs and personality are put into perspective.

I can only wish that eventually, I can have my own home fully improved.


Back to Jogging

After a month of rest and illness, I decided to resume with my morning jogging. Before a national news says that jogging can be one of the best exercises to avoid mental disorders and other health risks, I was simply compelled to have my regular runs with or without running mates.

So, since last week, I took my usual 3 - 4 rounds on 800+ m running tracks for half an hour before I head to work. So, somehow, the feeling is soothing and relieving.

I hope I can convince my entire family to do their exercise too because when we age, we are simply prone to different illnesses.


Sibling Returns Home

my younger sibling and her co - workers

We let my younger sibling had her vacation to experience a summer job in our old city and since we wanted her to learn the values of hard work, patience, and self - reliance, we only welcomed her approval.

Her work as a waitress, and bar attendant among other jobs she had to play in an evening restobar made her experienced the hard labor of earning a living. In fact, she can quite compare the disparity of working a boutique and working in a food business.

So, after two weeks of 10 - 12 hours of work from afternoon to early morning, she finally gave up and bid her employer goodbye and went home. We quite missed her but the experience she had from the summer job taught her interesting lessons.

At least, these days, she can quite value not to have leisure expenditures, especially, if she only receives her allowances from our parents and her older siblings.


Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Pursuit for Family Business

My pop is a retired soldier while my mom has been in business since we were toddlers. But, we never really appreciated entrepreneurship not until lately when we decided to put our family boutique and run it firsthand.

Family businesses are quite common among close - knit cultures like the Chinese and the Filipinos; Most families pursue family business for faster decision making and integrity of the family members to keeping the business alive.

Now, that we have started the business, we still have to learn from my mom and from other experts in the business industry. For one, we need POS Systems for faster retail sale transactions, audit and reporting. We oftentimes experience errors in our sales reports and having a computerized POS system can be quite a remedy.

Family business may pose different problems too but it downsides are always overwhelmed by its advantages: centralized management, faster decision making, close - knit values, and pooled resources.


When Family Allergy Becomes a Nuisance

Allergy is a household nuisance and identity to us who experience usual asthma, skin rashes, and running nose and sneezing as symptoms of allergy attacks.

Experts say that allergy can be acquired from family where allergy is also present. But, allergy varies from one person to another and their severity may also be distinct. For most people, they are allergic to food proteins including the big 8: milk, eggs, soy, wheat, peanuts, tree nuts, seafoods, shellfish, and soy as they are accounted for most allergens.

Initially, I am only allergic to high cold temperatures where I experience skin rashes, then, dust becomes my trigger too. However, my allergy seems to level up because, now, I am allergic to seafood and chicken that I experience muscle pains and skin rashes. I thought I just had measles but laboratory tests told otherwise. So, the doctor recommended a steroid for the allergy and some anti-histamine for a week's take.

And, the relief lasts more than a week until I began eating again food high in protein. Consequently, my symptoms begin to be prevalent and cumbersome. Good thing, I have a few anti-allergy to counterattack.

I still don't know what other allergies may try to appear but it can be wiser if we go through allergy tests to identify possible allergens and to avoid them since allergy attacks can be quite distressful and sometimes fatal.


Inventory of Family Business

Today is Maundy Thursday and our boutique decided to close the store for long - overdue inventory. So, we started early piling all the stocks by batch but the recording takes all the time since we only record them manually. It is at this business activity that I wish we can have a POS system and barcode scanner to help control and audit the sales and stocks on hand.

We have US and Asian stocks but with limited time, we could only account for US apparel, bags and shoes. I had to treat my employees to a good dinner and give them overtime pay for their efforts.

Since Good Friday is a holiday, we shall resume with our store operations on Saturday and continue too our inventory. I hope by then, we can have all the stocks accounted for.


When TeleComm Bridges Family

photo source:

We have decided to let my husband and kid stay in our old home city while I attend to summer class and business operations and since I have to get used to their absence, I can only rely on cellphone and laptop communication through net.

Somehow, the longing is pacified although one can quite miss physical presence. We have purchased a low - end cellphone for my kid just to connect with him anytime and with SMS and call promo's, we can practically call anytime.

So, thank God for cellphones and Internet.


Kid on Violin Lessons

my kid and his violin teacher

I have been wanting to play a musical instrument when I was younger but because of family economic constraints, we were restrained from learning anything recreational other than the free ones.

So, now that I am working and somehow able to buy what we need, my husband and I purchased a violin for our son to start with his violin lesson while summer is on and he is on vacation in Zamboanga City.

He would take his lessons once a week for an hour until early June and we can only hope that he can master the songs and eventually play before the family and his friends and we can only be much prouder.


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Family Heirloom, Are They for Keeps?

priceless antiques

photo source:

How valuable can family heirloom be other than the fact that they are simply old and outdated. But, for cultures like the Asian and most Americans, family means a lot to them. Thus, they get to keep family properties like jewelries, private collections like paintings or custom coins for generations to generations to pass on.

But, more than the time and money spent to keep these family heirlooms alive, the sentimental values and memories that go with these family heirlooms are priceless. So, while for others, old collections are just thrash, for most people, they are gold to keep.


Teach Your Kids Good Values

My sister with her co - employees

When my parents' business went to the drain, my sister and other siblings have to work together to make sure that my parents, younger sibling and our nephews are still well and can continue with their schooling.

But, my younger sibling is used to easy living and can simply get what she wants, so, when she decided to go with us for a short vacation, we asked her if she could do a summer job to appreciate hard work to earn a living.

Her work of 10 hours until dawn taught her the meaning of diligence, industry, punctuality, integrity, teamwork, patience among others. She may have earned a few bucks compared to just easy asking from parents and her siblings but her new job experience taught her more than the worth of her paycheck.

So, if we want our kids to grow with hard - core character, we can do that while they are young and acquire these skills firsthand. And, when they are older, they can be more self - reliant and wise.


Travel Tips to Enjoy Your Vacation

Holy week started April 18 and shall end on Easter Sunday, April 23 and for most people they start their week quite early as they go on long travel for more fun elsewhere. But, before we embark on long trips, we have to make sure that we keep our trip safe, enjoyable and comfortable.

Before you hit the road, it is important that you first make a check list of what to do. Normally, we include the following items in the list:

  1. easy - to - cook or ready - to - eat food to last the entire trip;
  2. first aid kit and other medications needed should you or your companions have a special condition;
  3. take a map or use a GPS if you are traversing a new route;
  4. inform kin of your expected trip and neighbors to watch over your house for some unexpected theft;
  5. Check your car for B.L.O.W.B.A.G :
  • L - LIGHTS
  • O - OIL
  • W - WATER
  • B - BRAKES
  • A - AIR
  • G - GAS

More importantly, if you can drive with another reserved driver, then, the trip can be less cumbersome but if this is not the case, and you are all tired or sleepy, take a break and don't gamble driving. Lastly, enjoy the view as you course your way.


Monday, April 11, 2011

Family Job Ordeal

My younger sibling decided to join us for two months and have a summer job to earn a few bucks for her allowances. Since, she is a minor, we can only place her in a workplace of a known friend. The thing is, she has to work in a restaurant bar that opens in the late afternoon until wee hours in the morning. Since our home is simply an hour’s travel, getting her in early dawn is simply a difficult ordeal for everyone.

We only have to travel using our big bike that gets dysfunctional randomly. Worst, we can’t even have 24 hours of road assistance once the vehicle wears down. Good thing, some areas have roadside assistance club to help them through road emergencies.

My sister says she can only for two weeks, so, we can only hope we can endure the interrupted sleeps, long travels, and road problems until she is finally resigned.


Family Vacation Here

I shall return to my parents’ city tomorrow after I joined my sibling, kid and husband in Zamboanga City for a week. I had met with my dentist, friends and done some store shopping too. While it may take weeks before I shall see them again, we can only communicate through net and phone.

We recently bought my kid a new violin, so, he can start with his violin lesson, and, have him enrolled in sports camp starting May 1.

My sister has to stay a little longer, so, she can earn a little and enjoy or endure a job as a resto-bar evening employee.

I can only hope that everyone is just safe as we face summer months.


Friday, April 1, 2011

Health Benefits of Family Recreation

Experts advise against overweight and obesity as they pose health threats including hypertension, heart illnesses, stroke, pregnancy disorder to name a few. Thus, we are strongly encouraged to be fit and healthy through regular exercise, diet and healthy lifestyle.

It is never easy to lose weights, especially, if the medium requires physical exercise but the ordeal can be fun and exciting if the exercise include family recreational activities including biking, running, indoor games, aerobics or mountain climbing. So, if you wish to just stack your bikes to your car, then, equip it with hitch bike racks and you and your family can have a fun recreational exercise.

Further, experts also suggest that recreation and exercise can be good medium to reduce stress from work, social pressures and regular household chores. So, for your health and your sanity, hit the road and have fun as a family.


Women: Beware of Cervical Cancer

One of the featured illness in a national news is the prevention and cure of cervical cancer. Since, 80% of women are at risk, I can only be alerted. And, ages between 35 - 39 and 60 above are of higher risks. What can be more dangerous though is the fact that cervical cancer may not pose any symptoms until the cancer is of advanced stage.

Wikipedia defines cervical cancer as, " malignant neoplasm of the cervix uteri or cervical area." Women can prevent incidence of cervical cancer through regular pap smear at least once a year, and HPV vaccination against two (2) strains that cause the cancer has been used in US, Australia, Canada and Europe.

Symptoms of cervical cancer includes vaginal bleeding, contact bleeding or vaginal mass. But, in the early stage, cervical cancer may pose no symptoms at all. In advanced stage, symptoms include loss of appetite, weight loss, fatigue, pelvic pain, back pain, leg pain, single swollen leg, heavy bleeding from the vagina, leaking of urine or faeces from the vagina, and bone fractures.

Treatment of cervical cancer may require surgery in earlier stages and chemotherapy and radiotheraphy at later stage.

With presence of vaccination and pap smear screening, it shall be helpful if women get to acquire these services before it is too late. For more information on cervical cancer, you can read it here.


Home Remedies to Keep Sore Throat Away

The extreme use of our voice in shouting, singing, talking or eating can somehow put a strain to our throat making it irritated and / or hurt.

I normally take lonzenges when I have to go to work but when I just stay at home, I take the usual home remedies to alleviate the discomfort. So, here are the common home remedies that can be easily prepared with usual home condiments:

  1. gargle with lukewarm water and 1 tablespoon of salt; or
  2. gargle with lukewarm water and vineger or pure vinegar if possible; or
  3. gargle with lukewarm water and lemon juice;
  4. a drink of crushed ginger in a boiled water to cool.
  5. eat sour fruits like mango;

Do this at least 2x a day until your sore throat gets better.