Monday, April 11, 2011

Family Job Ordeal

My younger sibling decided to join us for two months and have a summer job to earn a few bucks for her allowances. Since, she is a minor, we can only place her in a workplace of a known friend. The thing is, she has to work in a restaurant bar that opens in the late afternoon until wee hours in the morning. Since our home is simply an hour’s travel, getting her in early dawn is simply a difficult ordeal for everyone.

We only have to travel using our big bike that gets dysfunctional randomly. Worst, we can’t even have 24 hours of road assistance once the vehicle wears down. Good thing, some areas have roadside assistance club to help them through road emergencies.

My sister says she can only for two weeks, so, we can only hope we can endure the interrupted sleeps, long travels, and road problems until she is finally resigned.



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