Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Teach Your Kids Good Values

My sister with her co - employees

When my parents' business went to the drain, my sister and other siblings have to work together to make sure that my parents, younger sibling and our nephews are still well and can continue with their schooling.

But, my younger sibling is used to easy living and can simply get what she wants, so, when she decided to go with us for a short vacation, we asked her if she could do a summer job to appreciate hard work to earn a living.

Her work of 10 hours until dawn taught her the meaning of diligence, industry, punctuality, integrity, teamwork, patience among others. She may have earned a few bucks compared to just easy asking from parents and her siblings but her new job experience taught her more than the worth of her paycheck.

So, if we want our kids to grow with hard - core character, we can do that while they are young and acquire these skills firsthand. And, when they are older, they can be more self - reliant and wise.



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