Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Travel Tips to Enjoy Your Vacation

Holy week started April 18 and shall end on Easter Sunday, April 23 and for most people they start their week quite early as they go on long travel for more fun elsewhere. But, before we embark on long trips, we have to make sure that we keep our trip safe, enjoyable and comfortable.

Before you hit the road, it is important that you first make a check list of what to do. Normally, we include the following items in the list:

  1. easy - to - cook or ready - to - eat food to last the entire trip;
  2. first aid kit and other medications needed should you or your companions have a special condition;
  3. take a map or use a GPS if you are traversing a new route;
  4. inform kin of your expected trip and neighbors to watch over your house for some unexpected theft;
  5. Check your car for B.L.O.W.B.A.G :
  • L - LIGHTS
  • O - OIL
  • W - WATER
  • B - BRAKES
  • A - AIR
  • G - GAS

More importantly, if you can drive with another reserved driver, then, the trip can be less cumbersome but if this is not the case, and you are all tired or sleepy, take a break and don't gamble driving. Lastly, enjoy the view as you course your way.



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