Thursday, April 21, 2011

When Family Allergy Becomes a Nuisance

Allergy is a household nuisance and identity to us who experience usual asthma, skin rashes, and running nose and sneezing as symptoms of allergy attacks.

Experts say that allergy can be acquired from family where allergy is also present. But, allergy varies from one person to another and their severity may also be distinct. For most people, they are allergic to food proteins including the big 8: milk, eggs, soy, wheat, peanuts, tree nuts, seafoods, shellfish, and soy as they are accounted for most allergens.

Initially, I am only allergic to high cold temperatures where I experience skin rashes, then, dust becomes my trigger too. However, my allergy seems to level up because, now, I am allergic to seafood and chicken that I experience muscle pains and skin rashes. I thought I just had measles but laboratory tests told otherwise. So, the doctor recommended a steroid for the allergy and some anti-histamine for a week's take.

And, the relief lasts more than a week until I began eating again food high in protein. Consequently, my symptoms begin to be prevalent and cumbersome. Good thing, I have a few anti-allergy to counterattack.

I still don't know what other allergies may try to appear but it can be wiser if we go through allergy tests to identify possible allergens and to avoid them since allergy attacks can be quite distressful and sometimes fatal.



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