Saturday, May 28, 2011

Preparing for Parents Golden Wedding

Come June 15, 2011, the entire clan of Bucoy and Lim shall be merrier as my parents in law shall renew their wedding vows after 50 years of blissful marriage.

So, I was tasked to prepare the program, be the mass reader and one of the emcee’s in the reception dinner. Along with this, I have to prepare the bride’s bouquet which I still have to research about and practice on.

Almost everyone in the entourage is getting their wardrobes and accessories ready. I have to however find a good set of earrings like Black diamond earrings to complement my gold – inspired dress. I wonder if my mother in – law has one in her closet.

I just hope that I have enough time to get all the works done not to mention I still have inventory records to complete.


Another Race for Me: Run for Biodiversity

arriving the peak of Nopol Hill, covering half of 11 km route

I have been running for more than three years and what seems to be an on – off hobby becomes a regular daily habit that I simply wake up ahead of my alarm around 4am to have my 5 rounds in 30 minutes around 800m road tracks.

So, now that I had started my professional race in 3km last Labor Day, then, followed by my second race in 10km eco – trail from Leyson Ranch to Nopol Hill and back to the starting lane to end.

After having completed 2 races in just one month, I plan to join as many races as I could and pile all my race’s numbers for pride and posterity.

Running has its perks and not simply to look good but to lead a healthy and longer life. With this basic motivation, I am more than inspired to hit the running tracks for the rest of my life.


Sunday, May 22, 2011


Make – up is a basic regimen for most women to boost personality and hide any sign of blemishes and aging. But, experts say that most make up if not properly assessed may only contribute to hurting our skin. Thus, buy only from trusted brands and select the most appropriate make – up with preferred substance to eliminate any allergy or skin counter – attacks.

Further, basic facial care regimen includes washing and removing of any make – up trace to eliminate any foreign substance on our face and other skin pollutants that may be the cause of pimples and blackheads on nose or forehead and cheeks.

So, while we can be all drained from day’s work, let it be our habit to thoroughly clean our skin with natural or commercial facial cleanser (or soap) and end with a moisturizer.

We can all use any foreign substance to eliminate or hide our facial blemishes and lapses, but, we can entirely prevent any serious facial problems if we simply keep a consistent and effect hygiene practices.



with my sibling running for 3km race

at early morning with other racers preparing for the race start

It was in2008 when I first began my passion for running and while there were days that I was all overwhelmed by procrastination and pure laziness, I was quite compelled to continue my running even if it meant running alone.

So, whenever possible I run every morning for 5 rounds of 800m tracks along a local mall’s road trail, then, end my week with an hour of aero – ka – bo ( aerobics – karate- boxing) stances.

But, my professional running began when I joined my first fun run on Labor Day with my sibling where I only covered 3kms along city’s roads. Lucky me, the General Santos City Police Office and Bureau of Fire Management have been proactive with various advocacies that are normally complemented with a fun run for the public.

And, I practiced harder when I registered for the 10km mountain trail Race for Biodiversity from a local ranch to peak of Nopol Hill and down.

Running has become part of my day and while it is exhausting, I find it health beneficial and stress reliever. I can only wish that my family can run too with me.


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Family Getaway: Summer Beach Fun at Sarangani BayFest 2011

with family and friends at Gumasa, Glan

Just within the reach of General Santos City is the pride of Sarangani Province, the white beaches, the rich agricultural and sea resources and diverse cultures of the aborigines. And every summer, they hold a Sarangani Bay Fest to show off their pride to the locals and foreign tourists of their beach treasures that can be compared to other world - class beach destinations.

The festival shall run from May 19 to 21 and my sibling and I decided to join the party with our tent, swimsuits, drinks and food and camera with reliable makita batteries to boot.

There are about hundreds of attendees with beauty contests and beach sports events to fill the days and nights. The festival shall indeed one event, we cant afford to miss. Of course, with pictures to boot, we can only envy our friends and family who shall miss the party.


Family Reunion Soon

in a ferris wheel ride a few feet above Robinson's Mall grounds

I have been away from my family for over a month now and while the distance is sustained by SMS, calls and video chats, the physical presence can't be completely overwhelmed.

So, come Tuesday, I shall head to my family to be with them until our oldies arrive from USA. We shall be quite late for school opening but the grand reunion with my husband's kin is long overdue and we can only anticipate the big event.

I just have to finish all my school and business duties, and the vacation can be a welcoming relief.


Protect Your Family: Spot Spoiled Food

I currently endure troubled stomach for three (3) days now after dining a ready - to - cook noodles that had been sitting in our refrigerator for two (2) days or so. And, since I assumed that the food was simply all right to take since it did have any physical sign of spoilage, I struggle now the consequence of total ignorance. So, the symptoms of stomach aches, loose vowel and fever only manifest an evident food poisoning.

photo source:

So, to protect ourselves and our family, we identify the foods that easily get spoiled. This is our short list:

  • fruits and veges
  • poultry and meat
  • dairy
  • food with mayo and tomato sauce
  • bread
  • nuts
  • milk
  • cooked noodles / pasta

It is then important that we read storage instructions for the food we buy and follow them strictly. Also, room temperature, sanitation and hygiene must be observed.

When foods change in physical appearance, smell, or taste, better dispose them easily. While it may be a waste to dispose left-overs, think of the potential health risks these spoiled food may cause you or your family.

As for me, I quite learned my lesson the most discomforting way.


Sunday, May 15, 2011

When Health Matters

In most rural parts of my country, the Philippines, the well system is still evidently used. While it is practical to use natural resource for water consumption, it can pose serious health threats like diarrhea to name a few. And, when the weather condition seems to shift dramatically over time, it is quite likely that the water source can be contaminated.

Consequently, it is important that we have secure and efficient water systems and we can only have this if our local and national water provider makes use of quality and reliable hydraulic hose for support and operation.

Some health problems can be prevented if we take necessary actions to secure a clean and healthy environment for all of us.


SOX BLOGGERS' FAMILY in Farewell Party

with Gay Carillo on Labor Day Fun Run

with some SOX Bloggers in a Farewell Party for Gay Carillo

The SOCCSKSARGEN bloggers were only organized in 2007 and with all the events and occasions that we went through, I must say, this group has been a family to some of us.

So, when a fellow blogger, Gay Carillo, a Manila - resident blogger but opted to work in GenSan City shall be leaving for Thailand in late May, we can only bid her sweet goodbye and well wishes.

To give her a special tribute, we convened last May 9 at Little Kitchen for a special treat and surprisingly, we had great laughs and good fills. B

Again, best wishes, Gay! We shall see you again in Thailand.


Food to Detoxify Yourself

Now that I am way past 30 years old, I begin to feel various kind of physical discomfort including the back pains and just recently, food allergy.

A TV magazine featured the use of certain fruit drink that helps detoxify to eliminate causes for allergy, diabetes and hypertension to name a few.

Coincidentally, Yahoo features de-toxins foods to help our body cleanse and function well. While there can be unique health status for each individual, it is quite important that we secure our physician's approval before going through detox diet.

The core of detoxification is to lessen our intake of processed foods and chemical additives, take more leafy vegetables and fruits, and to take more of water each day.

With foods rich in water and fiber, your regular bowel movement becomes more helpful in eliminating body wastes.

The Yahoo article lists the following foods to de-toxify:

  • green leafy vegetables
  • lemon
  • watercress
  • garlic
  • broccoli sprouts
  • green tea
  • sesame seeds
  • cabbage
  • psyllium
  • fruits

Here is a sample detox diet menu excerpted from


Snack ideas include:

  • Raw almonds
  • Apple or pear, sliced, with 1 tablespoon raw almond butter
  • Carrot, celery and/or cucumber sticks with hummus
  • Gluten-free rice crackers, unsalted, with guacamole
  • gluten- and wheat-free crackers
  • Smoothie made with allowed ingredients
  • Juice (predominantly vegetables)


  • Chickpeas tossed in turmeric or curry powder
  • Salad with choice of vegetables, such as arugula, cucumbers, onions, steamed beets.


Friday, May 6, 2011

When Similar Occupations Govern the Family

It is not unusual for most families that similar or the same occupation applies to family members. Thus, when the head of the family is a doctor, it may follow that that spouse and / or the offspring can be doctors or nurses.

While it may be easier that similar line of work runs in the family as they share common interest and may provide wisdom to younger workers, it can also cause a lot of pressures. But, when families are close - knit, handling occupational pressure can be negligible.

And, when you are lucky, you may share resources like books, accessories, equipment, uniforms or laptops and others.

Regardless, whether occupations are the same or not in the family, I guess what is important is the fact that families bond in spite of differences.


What is Your House Ruled By?

You make decisions objectively. You always weigh the pros and cons.
Following the rules feels natural to you. You can't imagine living outside the law.

You prepare for worst case scenarios. You rather be safe than sorry.
You don't accept apologies easily. Actions mean much more to you than words do.


Family on Travel Again

My mom had recently proceeded to her new furniture venture in a remote province although her hometown with my nephew and younger sister to tag along and after her very brief stay with us, we quite miss the entire gang.

So, to make our home less lonely, I asked my other sibling to stay with us temporarily until my own family gets back from a long vacation.

It is quite a sad thought that families have to be away for different reasons, we can only hope that we can visit them soon.